Warning, there is way too much information in this post.  But, I kinda like it that way. SMILE! The meatballs used in this recipe are super versatile and can be used with all kinds of sauces.  It really does help on those busy days to already have a bag of these meatballs frozen and thawed for a quick meal.  If I had lot’s of little helpers around, I’d have a meatball forming party one day and mass produce about 20 bags as they are that great to have around and so much easier on the chef!  In fact, on days where I don’t have anyRead More →

Today is a very exciting day for me.  My son is on his way home and has already landed in the city closest to me!   He’s been awake now for over 36 hours so I suspect he’s going  to be a little rummy when I see him.   For dinner, we are having a very non calorie friendly meal, but oh soon good.  He loves it so I’m making it special.  It’s a German spaetzle meal that is super yummy.  Spaetzle is a German egg noodle. If my super ninja camera skills are working tonight and the lighting is good, you will see itRead More →

Good morning!  My my, yesterday was an eventful day and there are many exciting happenings occurring here at the moment. For starters, my airman son is coming home for a visit!  Yes!  I am so excited to see him and his little sister will no doubt scream with glee when he walks in, just like she does when we get to face time him from thousands of miles away.  She always tries to touch the phone to get to him.  It really is the cutest thing ever.  Since he joined the Air Force, we still get to talk frequently and this FaceTime thing has beenRead More →

Normally, my favorite homemade enchiladas are green chile chicken but these beef barbacoa enchiladas are a contender for my current first place!   Lucky for me my ranking system when it comes to food is always changing and morphing based on new food experiences. We raise grass fed Galloway cattle and as such, we have lots of this awesome flavorful beef in our freezer.  So, I am always looking for fabulous ways to incorporate beef into my meals. These beef barbacoa enchiladas are a wonderful way to use our healthy grass fed beef.  My husband, who will tell it like it is, described these beefRead More →

I had a taste for the Chipotle inspired beef barbacoa salad recently.  I know Chipotle has has some bad pub in the past couple years.  Problems with pork sourcing and people getting sick at the Chipotle restaurants . When I hear news like that, I think to myself, “self, this is the best time to go to these restaurants.  They are now the cleanest restaurants in the whole city because they are under the microscope to increase and perfect standards.  Go. Enjoy! Other people are home avoiding the place which says to me, “no line.”  Yay!” I think my Airman son could literally eat ChipotleRead More →

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and definitely a baked crispy teriyaki chicken wing kind of day.  I don’t get decked out with paint on my face or dress up my dog in costume for this day.  It’s a good day as long as I spend it with family and friends.  The only reason I watch  the Super Bowl is to see the commercials and the usual controversial half time show.  I could really care less about the overpaid football guys out there unless they have something inspirational to say and something that will lift others up.  Otherwise.  na. I’ll pass thanks. The food is aRead More →

My husband calls me the “hurricane.” I don’t know why? This morning, before 0930 hours, I had two cups of coffee, traveled outside in my robe to feed the wild turkeys, posted the cookies I made yesterday to the blog (a fun little job that is taking less and less time as I get the hang of it, yay!), had dinner in the crockpot (Barbacoa Beef) for the Chipotle inspired salad I’m going to make, this cool old ladder I rescued and painted yesterday-sanded old farmhouse style on the front porch, and a load of socks washed, clean and warm in a laundry basket. FoldingRead More →

Updated Recipe added 1/18/19, (See that post for recipe.) I’ll admit. Oatmeal raisin cookies are not my absolute favorite cookie, but even though I don’t jump up and down at the prospect of oatmeal raisin cookies, I’d like to think they are a little healthier in the cookie department because they are made with oatmeal.Oh the lies we tell ourselves! If you wanna know the truth, my favorite cookies are store bought! Gasp! In fact I was in the line at the grocery store last night (my Super 1 is currently being renovated and it is like a game of hide and seek trying toRead More →

I am a cattle beginner.  I am new to raising cattle and speaking cow.  When I speak cow it is just that. Plain and simple cow. I’ve attended many livestock shows with my husband and heard all the rating points stated over the microphone by the cattle judges. Not me. When I look at cattle, I think they either look strong and well shaped, or not. They either have high tails, solid legs, bony hips (dairy cows), or not. None of those complicated anatomic terms for me. I’m doing my best though and maybe I will be speaking the lingo better later.   We breedRead More →

Living in the Southwestern part of the country for 40 years, I ate plenty of mexican food. I love it. I miss it. I could almost bathe in salsa-that’s how much I love it. There is one restaurant about 40 minutes from me now and my husband thinks it has the best salsa ever. No way. I am a salsa pro. Back in Las Vegas, my favorite salsa in the whole wide world was made at a restaurant called Dona Marias. I have yet to duplicate it in my own kitchen. Sigh…… Most people think that it’s as simple as chopping some tomatoes, adding someRead More →