Sweet, fresh, and perfect for summer, this strawberry pie is simple and yummy.

I love Summer here!  It is green, lush, beautiful and the nature is bustling.  There are a few things that stand out as Summer to me.  Floppy sun hats, flip flop sandals, lemonade, and strawberry pie are at the top of that list. As a child, my Grandad took us to Disneyland every Summer.  He was a good man…in his early years he tried to be an actor (was even friends with James Dean) but decided it took “20 years to become an overnight sensation” and followed another path.  Witty and handsome, he was one of a kind. On the way to Los Angeles andRead More →

Make cookies like a BOSS!  Anytime is a good time for the Ultimate Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie!  There are literally thousands of chocolate chip cookie recipes out there.  I have made probably 100 different recipes for the chocolate goodies in my lifetime, previously and primarily settling on the recipe listed on the nestle tollhouse package.  That tollhouse recipe, my friends….is in the past. THIS recipe, works so fabulously for me, I now make it solely and keep a batch made and ready to go in the freezer for unexpected guests and a quick sweet treat for THOSE kind of days.   It freezesRead More →

Pie is a deeply personal experience.  Pie crust, even more so.  Ask any pie lover and they will tell you unabashedly about the best pie crust they have ever eaten and their own personal desires in said pie crust.  Flakey, buttery, thick, thin, latticed, plain, etc. etc.  Some people have memories of the way their mom made pie crust and if they don’t have the actual recipe, they search it out for years..  Did it have vinegar in it?  An egg perhaps?  All butter?  Strictly crisco? One thing is for sure in all our pie making efforts and pie crust replicating efforts, pie is oneRead More →

It seems like a million years since I posted!  It has been crazy busy in this retired life and it all started when the green started bursting in the trees and grass around these parts.  I have been traveling to Hawaiian paradise, ogling the pretty tropical flowers and enjoying the healing waters of the great Pacific Ocean.  I took so many great photos of all the flowers and I really wish they would all grow here in my yard too.  So beautiful!  I posted one every day while I was gone on my Insta page so please take a look if you want to seeRead More →

My son joined the military a little less than a year ago. He went to Basic Training and has since been stationed overseas. He is a man. A young man, but never the less, a full grown, 6’7 man. I still picture him as a small child running around in his superman cape in our Las Vegas neighborhood or laughing and playing Star Wars light sabers in the middle of the street until the lights came on at dusk. Even better, he was always shooting a gazillion baskets through the basketball hoop in the street or in the backyard and coming inside with filthy handsRead More →

Greek Gyro Inspired goodness!

There’s this place in the town nearest us that does pretty good business in the Greek Gyro food department.  Situated near the college and staffed with at least one lady that has been there since the dawn of day, it is a humble and small-often packed house full of hungry people enjoying gyros, french fries, and cucumber tzatziki sauce. My husband and his best friend Tom are truly experts in the field of Greek Gyros (actually, they hold this title in most food categories) and they’ve been loyal customers to this little establishment for years and years.  Tom, spent many countless days fiddling with theRead More →

Spicy and delectable, this kung pan shrimp will rock the house. www.bigskyfarmhouse.com

We love shrimp in this house!  Not just any ol’ shrimp, but really good flavorful shrimp.  Like these!  Kapow Kung Pao Shrimp rock the house whenever we have them and they are super duper easy to make! And, the kicker with these shrimp is that we FEEL really great eating as many veggies as we can cram into the recipe! They require just a little marinading if you have the time, but even if you don’t, they will still be a hit.  I confess that I usually only make these awesome shrimp feasts when I have not taken anything out of the freezer ahead ofRead More →

Glorious pita bread for all types of meals

Pita bread, I think, is one of the most underrated breads there are out there.  I truly think it can be used for most dishes if push really came to shove and frankly, I could just sit and eat this soft and chewy homemade pita bread straight up, piece by piece, without anything else.  Well, maybe a glass of wine and some cheese, salami, and olives too!  Yum.   This bread has just the right texture and can be made at least a day ahead of when it’s needed.  It has lasted in our refrigerator for up to a week and the texture remains inRead More →

Flavorful, delicious, and good for you asparagus.

I think there are two kinds of people.  Those who like asparagus, and those who don’t.  My family loves the stalky little trees and gobbles them up whenever they are served….up to and including my sometimes fickle 2 year old.  We had this roasted balsamic glazed asparagus recently and she had at least 7 spears all by herself!  She actually wanted the green stalks over pasta and her beloved chicken.  From day to day, we just roll with it.  The little lady can love love love mac and cheese one day and turn her nose up at it the next.  The asparagus train may onlyRead More →

The best and most luscious homemade strawberry shortcake you will ever make!

Once you try this homemade strawberry shortcake, no other store bought shortcake will ever compare!  In fact…the preserved store-bought stuff may resemble dried sponge after you try this.    I promise!  You will be hooked.   Cake like goodness with sweet juicy berries and creamy volumnious whipped cream.  Heaven on a plate!  Strawberries, they are fantastic most of the time through the year.  And, can we just agree here?  ANY TIME is a GOOD TIME for homemade strawberry shortcake!?  Right?  Especially luscious in the Spring and Summer….I am not opposed to the sweet goodness when I am looking at six feet of snow from myRead More →