Ok, so now that we’re in this a bit, let me do a recap in my lessons in country living.  For all my city friends this may be enlightening and at the very least somewhat entertaining…for all my country friends, it’s ok if you roll your eyes at my silliness here while you nod your head in agreement at my stating the real deal about country life. So, if you’ll remember, these are the facts of life in the Country. 1.)Rubber Boots.  You will wear them, you will rock them. 2.) Camo.  Worn way too much here in Montana Country. 3.) Baseball caps, jeans andRead More →

Lessons in Country Living, Part 4 - Big Sky Farmhouse

I so enjoy being able to detail for you all the differences I have encountered and will continue to encounter in the tremendous change in life I made when I moved from Sin City Las Vegas to a quiet life in the Country of the Big Sky State. Life in the Country continues to bring me experiences that I discover are different from what I am used to. I imagine this will continue, having lived the first half of my life in the concrete jungle and highly populated and glittery desert environment. Just last night, I had another experience that was new and oh soRead More →

Happy Memorial Day, 2017!   Yesterday was jam packed with cows mooing, poo flying, gates swinging, and saying, “haaaa…move it, haaa move it!” all day long to about 40 calves and 40 momma cows who needed to be moved to other pasture destinations to be placed with different bulls for breeding purposes.  The girls are going to love the long green grass, but the process of getting to those destinations….not so much. It was 84 degrees and I think the heat is something you get used to NOT being used to fairly quickly when you aren’t in it everyday.  It felt like it was swelteringRead More →

I am a dork.  I know it.  I have absolutely no problem laughing at myself and I do….often.  Today’s video blog will hopefully shine a light on ONE major difference between city and country living.  It’s a very important difference so please pay close attention so that you do not have to live through the same experience.  I say this with love and understanding….understanding of electricity. Now, (as it relates to the video for all the metro historians out there) as far as I remember I did have to be Tazed (at least at one point and time in Metro History after BAC opened)…however, IRead More →

Farmhouse living, Things no one told me when I moved to the country.

There are just certain things that occur when one lives in the city, and certain things that occur when one lives in the country.  This video blog, is the first in what will be many funny quips I talk about labeled, “Things no one told me before I moved to the country.”  Not everyone will get my humor or why I find these differences somewhat comical, but perhaps you can find some laughs and at the very least, understand that people live very differently depending on their geographical location.  I hope you enjoy! All the best! Kasey    Read More →

Hi there.  I am trying this video thing out for the first time.  I have seen those awesome recipe videos on Facebook….you know the kind where all you see is hands placing ingredients in bowls and pans directly below the camera with some light elevator music playing in the background and font added to describe the ingredients with amounts?  I really like em.  I can’t see myself going to those videos to search for recipes as I am a pen and paper kind of girl…really always have been.  But, they are the “it” thing in food blogging now.  Not sure if I will get toRead More →