Flavorful, delicious, and good for you asparagus.

I think there are two kinds of people.  Those who like asparagus, and those who don’t.  My family loves the stalky little trees and gobbles them up whenever they are served….up to and including my sometimes fickle 2 year old.  We had this roasted balsamic glazed asparagus recently and she had at least 7 spears all by herself!  She actually wanted the green stalks over pasta and her beloved chicken.  From day to day, we just roll with it.  The little lady can love love love mac and cheese one day and turn her nose up at it the next.  The asparagus train may onlyRead More →

Crunchy, fresh, sweet, and delicious. Crispy brown sugar ginger green beans - Big Sky Farmhouse

We are making a concerted effort to eat healthier in our home.  Summer time is coming and we are consuming more and more veggies in order to make our white gams (aka legs) look a little leaner while we work in the garden and feed the arriving baby chicks.  Not as if the chicks or the potatoes actually care if our legs are white or if they can be a little leaner.  That is really the great thing about living in the country.  None of that superficial stuff really matters at all, and if you want to wear jeans to cover up your white gams,Read More →

I was looking in my freezer this morning.  Well, I take that back.  That sounds as if it was just a leisurely, non anxiety ridden thing.  The experience wasn’t really like that.  In fact, it was one of those, “Am I the only one who sees that this freezer is in serious need of TLC!  Hello!  Anyone hear me?”  (To no one in particular…)  The freezer inside the house in the kitchen has become so absolutely stuffed with so many random zip loc bags and general all around food chaos I was about to lose my ever-living mind!  I couldn’t put anything else in it.Read More →

Refreshing. Simple. Healthy. This dessert is a little tropical party in your mouth.

Oh my gosh you guys…this may be the easiest dessert ever.  And healthy?  I’ll tell you what?  Fresh mangos, a fresh lime, and a few ingredients for a quick and delicious creamy coconut yogurt sauce sprinkled with some toasted coconut and there you have it!  Summer is coming and this just may be my go to dessert after grilling on the deck.  Simple.  Delicious.  Refreshing.  And kind to the waist line! Mangos.  Do you know they are part of the “cashew” family?….I used to think they were such a hassle to cut and peel and basically deal with that I avoided them.  I would inevitablyRead More →

This moist cornbread with honey flufferbutter goes fantastically well with the beef chili recipe I posted yesterday.  It has a moist consistency which I think is rare if creamed corn isn’t called for…which in this case, it’s not.  I do love cornbread with creamed corn as well as it adds that sweet chewiness and moisture too, but my husband isn’t a fan so I tend to make things that I know we will ALL eat.  Besides, I am not going to eat an entire pan of cornbread by myself although I might give it a second  thought if it were brownies.. I do have aRead More →