Ever have one of those months when you are just anti-kitchen?  I’m there.  Just keeping it real folks.  Summer is here and there about 10,000 berries to pick, a hen house full of chickens, a cattle herd that I enjoy photographing and a house to decorate farm style.  If I had a superpower right now at this very moment it would be the ability to avoid the kitchen.  My kitchen game has been much like a soup sandwich these last couple weeks. Occasionally this month, I have meandered through that place called the kitchen and thrown a good meal together, including this absolutely wonderful BakedRead More →

Greek Gyro Inspired goodness!

There’s this place in the town nearest us that does pretty good business in the Greek Gyro food department.  Situated near the college and staffed with at least one lady that has been there since the dawn of day, it is a humble and small-often packed house full of hungry people enjoying gyros, french fries, and cucumber tzatziki sauce. My husband and his best friend Tom are truly experts in the field of Greek Gyros (actually, they hold this title in most food categories) and they’ve been loyal customers to this little establishment for years and years.  Tom, spent many countless days fiddling with theRead More →

Refreshing. Simple. Healthy. This dessert is a little tropical party in your mouth.

Oh my gosh you guys…this may be the easiest dessert ever.  And healthy?  I’ll tell you what?  Fresh mangos, a fresh lime, and a few ingredients for a quick and delicious creamy coconut yogurt sauce sprinkled with some toasted coconut and there you have it!  Summer is coming and this just may be my go to dessert after grilling on the deck.  Simple.  Delicious.  Refreshing.  And kind to the waist line! Mangos.  Do you know they are part of the “cashew” family?….I used to think they were such a hassle to cut and peel and basically deal with that I avoided them.  I would inevitablyRead More →

Never mind that the blogger FORGOT to get a photo of this amazing teriyaki sauce by itself…although you can see it with in the teriyaki meatballs recipe on this blog, the empty bowl signifies that you will eat it all up because it’s just that good.  This is the easiest teriyaki sauce and tastes better than those I’ve had anywhere.  In Las Vegas, there were teriyaki places a plenty….one on every corner it seemed.  Samurai Sams was my particular favorite and I found myself there on many occasions in  my uniform to pick up a quick rice bowl to take back to the station forRead More →