When your husband, a foodie and fish lover, utters the words “monumental” and “outstanding” in regards to THIS salmon dish, you know it is an undeniable out of this world type of meal. And it is. It was. Devoured is really the term. See, I made this dish and the husband called and said he was going to be late so I sat down to consume this with my daughter and set his out to sit on the counter until he could get here. While my little country girl fidgeted in her high chair and squished the salmon between her little fingers, I took myRead More →

Living in the Southwestern part of the country for 40 years, I ate plenty of mexican food. I love it. I miss it. I could almost bathe in salsa-that’s how much I love it. There is one restaurant about 40 minutes from me now and my husband thinks it has the best salsa ever. No way. I am a salsa pro. Back in Las Vegas, my favorite salsa in the whole wide world was made at a restaurant called Dona Marias. I have yet to duplicate it in my own kitchen. Sigh…… Most people think that it’s as simple as chopping some tomatoes, adding someRead More →