Remember that commercial where they spelled it out?  “J-E-LL-O…”  No.. Hmm.  Ok, moving on…Nothing to see here. haha If jello is your fav or you are looking for a throwback to childhood, this jello salad is a slightly sophisticated version of the old stand by and is unbelievably creamy and sweet at the same time.  I found a version of the one I made today in an old Taste of Home Magazine from last Summer.  I adapted this recipe using different fruit and jello (basically what I had on hand).  I loved the picture of the colors even though I am a milk chocolate girlRead More →

Sunday, the day before our family Galloway Cattle round up and move, we all got together to celebrate a family birthday.  As is common for family events, everyone brought a dish.  I was elected to bring a salad so I put together this one!  It is very simple and was really enjoyable.  Normally, I don’t get too excited about a salad because well, it’s salad.  Where’s the real food?  But, this was truly wonderful, surprisingly so….for salad! Here you go!  Now you have it too!  Maybe you can use it on your next cattle drive or family birthday party!   PrintCandied Pecan and Pear SaladRead More →

I saw a young man and his father at Costco recently.  They saw a package of ripe mangos, now in season from a warmer climate and shipped to us in the snow.  The father and son were so excited they both practically jumped up and down….giddy.  I surmised in my head as they trotted away with their mango treasures in hand that there was a phenomenal mango recipe awaiting their delivery.  A mango recipe they only get to partake in certain times during the year because this isn’t Maui where they grow like mad.  Sigh. This entire detailed analysis in my head took about aRead More →