Sunday, the day before our family Galloway Cattle round up and move, we all got together to celebrate a family birthday.  As is common for family events, everyone brought a dish.  I was elected to bring a salad so I put together this one!  It is very simple and was really enjoyable.  Normally, I don’t get too excited about a salad because well, it’s salad.  Where’s the real food?  But, this was truly wonderful, surprisingly so….for salad! Here you go!  Now you have it too!  Maybe you can use it on your next cattle drive or family birthday party!   PrintCandied Pecan and Pear SaladRead More →

Greek Gyro Inspired goodness!

There’s this place in the town nearest us that does pretty good business in the Greek Gyro food department.  Situated near the college and staffed with at least one lady that has been there since the dawn of day, it is a humble and small-often packed house full of hungry people enjoying gyros, french fries, and cucumber tzatziki sauce. My husband and his best friend Tom are truly experts in the field of Greek Gyros (actually, they hold this title in most food categories) and they’ve been loyal customers to this little establishment for years and years.  Tom, spent many countless days fiddling with theRead More →

I made these sweet and spicy shrimp skewers the other night and I think I am in love.   My husband almost did a dance around the table he loved them so much.  And, that’s saying a lot because I’ve covered this before…he’s very honest in a nice way about food.  His tastebuds are so particular he could be the food version of a sommelier.  A food critic?  Hmm. Not sure at this point what the heck that would be called.  Just because you’re a food critic, doesn’t equate to expert food taster and flavor decipherer. (Is that even a word?) Now, I made thisRead More →

Last year on my birthday when I turned errhh 29… and knowing I have a small….ok, LARGE almost embarrasing crush on the Cafe Rio chicken salad, my sister in law gave me this recipe for copycat cafe rio cilantro lime ranch dressing tied to a large jar of the creamy ranch goodness. Truly one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received especially as I have gotten older. It’s funny how those things change. When I was younger, it was all about sparkles and glitter, the more the better…now, it’s about good tasting food and practicality. As far as this ranch dressing goes, IRead More →