Ever have one of those months when you are just anti-kitchen?  I’m there.  Just keeping it real folks.  Summer is here and there about 10,000 berries to pick, a hen house full of chickens, a cattle herd that I enjoy photographing and a house to decorate farm style.  If I had a superpower right now at this very moment it would be the ability to avoid the kitchen.  My kitchen game has been much like a soup sandwich these last couple weeks. Occasionally this month, I have meandered through that place called the kitchen and thrown a good meal together, including this absolutely wonderful BakedRead More →

Thai Red Curry Peanut Chicken - Big Sky Farmhouse

With Summer in full effect, the food fair has been a little less uhh, filling..in our neck of the woods.  Not the time for warm bowls of chili or clam chowder or mac and cheese…although those things are completely and utterly amazing, warm days just call for salads and protein in our house most of the time.   This Thai Red Curry Peanut Chicken fits in perfectly with that plan.  Packed full of flavor, this chicken is perfect with a salad or sautee’d veggies and if you are craving some carbs, rice would accompany it very well due to the amazing sauce/marinade. Thai Red CurryRead More →

I grew up in the Southwest where Mexican food was abundant and super easy to find.  Some places were better than others, as is common everywhere.  Sometimes I miss my favorite red cheese enchiladas from my favorite Mexican restaurant restaurant as well as their best in the whole universe freshly made tortilla chips and tomato salsa.  Whenever I visit, I hit that place and take a whole vat of that salsa home with me.  A must!  I have yet to duplicate their red sauce for enchiladas but it will be happening folks…I promise you that.  I need that red sauce in my life!  LOL SinceRead More →

Baked Rock Salt Chicken - Big Sky Farmhouse

I was pretty much a “baking a whole chicken” novice before moving to the country.  I stuck to two organic chicken breasts in packaged form, from Costco.   That’s it.  That’s all.  Baked or George Foreman grilled were my cooking methods of choice when I was super busy working most of the time.  I mean, what would be the point in baking an entire chicken for just my son and I in my former life in the city and I really didn’t get the concept of making a little more to get the bang for your baking buck until I began cooking more.  Now, IRead More →

We have officially started Spring today and I am so excited!  Barbecues, flowers, greenery sprouting everywhere, baby calves born every day, and baby chicks in the barn soon.  Spring comes on a bit slower here as there are often days that tease us before it’s reallllly Spring and I may even see a really crazy bipolarish flurry of snow before this month is over.. I just never know.  But, the good news is I am seeing water flowing from the mountain lakes down into the large river here and the river’s girth has grown exponentially.  I’m guessing the width of the river to be aboutRead More →

There is this place in Plano Texas.  A place that is a must stop/must eat when I visit my best friend Trina and her amazing family in Texas.  It’s simple menu and simple/rustic vintage feel along with the absolutely phenomenal taco menu draws crowds of hungry taco eaters every day.  The list of tacos is only about 10 deep but each one is special with attention to detail.  The owner, is almost always present and it is a fun-relaxed place to have a meal. My favorite taco there at the Rusty Taco is the Fried Chicken Taco.  And, since flying down to Texas doesn’t occurRead More →

Chicken.  It’s what’s for dinner tonight.  If you are looking for a creamy and delish home made bowl of chicken tortilla goodness, this ultimate chicken tortilla soup might just hit the mark.  This recipe calls for shredded chicken.  In my former, “I’m to busy to actually shred chicken so I’ll buy it from costco instead” hard working cop woman life, I cringed when a recipe called for shredded chicken.  Who has time for that?  Jeez, my son and I were lucky if I actually cooked at all.  And, if the meal I actually cooked was good that was just a HUGE bonus.  Yay mom.  But,Read More →

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and definitely a baked crispy teriyaki chicken wing kind of day.  I don’t get decked out with paint on my face or dress up my dog in costume for this day.  It’s a good day as long as I spend it with family and friends.  The only reason I watch  the Super Bowl is to see the commercials and the usual controversial half time show.  I could really care less about the overpaid football guys out there unless they have something inspirational to say and something that will lift others up.  Otherwise.  na. I’ll pass thanks. The food is aRead More →