Sweet, fresh, and perfect for summer, this strawberry pie is simple and yummy.

I love Summer here!  It is green, lush, beautiful and the nature is bustling.  There are a few things that stand out as Summer to me.  Floppy sun hats, flip flop sandals, lemonade, and strawberry pie are at the top of that list. As a child, my Grandad took us to Disneyland every Summer.  He was a good man…in his early years he tried to be an actor (was even friends with James Dean) but decided it took “20 years to become an overnight sensation” and followed another path.  Witty and handsome, he was one of a kind. On the way to Los Angeles andRead More →

Pie is a deeply personal experience.  Pie crust, even more so.  Ask any pie lover and they will tell you unabashedly about the best pie crust they have ever eaten and their own personal desires in said pie crust.  Flakey, buttery, thick, thin, latticed, plain, etc. etc.  Some people have memories of the way their mom made pie crust and if they don’t have the actual recipe, they search it out for years..  Did it have vinegar in it?  An egg perhaps?  All butter?  Strictly crisco? One thing is for sure in all our pie making efforts and pie crust replicating efforts, pie is oneRead More →

It seems like a million years since I posted!  It has been crazy busy in this retired life and it all started when the green started bursting in the trees and grass around these parts.  I have been traveling to Hawaiian paradise, ogling the pretty tropical flowers and enjoying the healing waters of the great Pacific Ocean.  I took so many great photos of all the flowers and I really wish they would all grow here in my yard too.  So beautiful!  I posted one every day while I was gone on my Insta page so please take a look if you want to seeRead More →

This creamy lemon pie is one of my Airman son’s favorites.  I recently made it for him when he was here to visit and it did not disappoint.  It is really that good and oh so creamy and lemony.  I am working on putting together a pie dough post soon to accompany the pies I plan to post, but this creamy lemon pie can also be made with store-bought crust.  I prefer this pie chilled and served very cold with a big glass of milk or a cup of coffee.  I hope you enjoy it too! This recipe was adapted from Magnolia Bakery.  PrintCreamy LemonRead More →