Before I retired from the LVMPD, I had many a locker room/hallway/parking lot conversation with lots and lots of really cool folks…  One of those folk is a Mrs. Lauri Moss.  Down to earth, funny, and good hearted, and dare I say—she likes Nascar just a little bit?  Ok, she is a walking tribute on some days to all that is Nascar! She talks the talk and walks that walk baby …can’t say that about everyone but Lauri….that funny lady is a diehard fan! Lauri and I bumped careers on several occasions-all of which were a pleasure but before I left for the greener pasturesRead More →

This hearty family style sausage spaetzle is the yummiest of yummies.  **WARNING** though, it is not a light dish or calorie friendly in any way shape or form.  In fact, I suggest you try not to even think about the fat and calorie contents AT ALL if you want to enjoy it.  If you are like me, that mind chatter can destroy a nice time and your enjoyment of really fantastic food so try not to let that annoying mind chatter invade your good time here.  We typically only have this sausage spaetzle dish when we have company over which is somewhat rare in theRead More →