I haven’t written in a long time. It feels just a bit neglectful.  But not really. Since that awful burst appendix episode that has caused an irritating occasional stomach pain thingy to this day, I put the blog on the back burner. I had been at a place where I could start advertising and earning some moolah which is a great perk too but that week in the hospital just put things in perspective ya know?  During these past few months though, I found this thing called “instastories” (my son would sooo roll his eyes at me right now for acting like an untech knowingRead More →

Today is solar eclipse day. Everyone with eyes glued upward and some who didn’t get a chance to buy the $65.00 paper glasses frying their retinas just to take a glimpse. Me? I just watched it on the news as the farmland around me darkened for a couple minutes. Really exciting stuff huh? No judgment people. It just wasn’t my thing. This is my first blog post in quite some time. You see, I have been doing my best in the last few days to be “normal” again and assimilate back into the human race after weeks of trying to become healthy again after aRead More →

One thing is for sure, raising a little one in the Country is vastly different from the City.  The nature, the animals, the farm work all shape and mold the little ones in this kind of environment in ways that don’t usually happen the same in the City.  Back in Las Vegas while raising my son, I was worried that he would be robbed at gun point while walking home from Elementary School for his house key and Game Boy because that was legitimately happening there…here, I worry about this little girl with all her fierceness and independence, making her way to the creek unsupervised,Read More →

Cattle round up days occur around here at the Big Sky Farmhouse, home of the Bitterroot Galloways Grassfed Beef Cattle Co. a couple times a year.  They are always big events that begin early in the morning and end later in the evening.  This year, we waited a bit longer to move our herd of Galloway cows and calves by a couple weeks and ended up gathering up the family to jump in and help on Memorial Day as the kids were out of school. Our herd of Galloway Grass Fed Beef Cattle are naturally very docile and usually very easy to corral with food.Read More →

Photo Credit - France Photographers - via www.himisspuff.com

(Photo Credit above goes to France Photographers via www.himisspuff.com) Lots and lots happening at the Big Sky Farmhouse! Can I just tell you?! I feel like I need about 3 of me at this very moment! The baby calves are dropping and that has caused our priorities to shift just a bit at the farmhouse. That’s just the way it is.  Work needs to be done and someone’s gotta do it. The work involves a lot of physical strength, wrangling skills, driving skills, some cursing (sorry grandmother) and bull ball touching.  Yes.  I said “bull balls.” So, let me tell you about some of theRead More →

The past week has been beautiful here.  It makes me want to break out the barbecue smoker and retrieve the patio furniture cushions from the shed. We’ve been spending a lot more time outside, trimming back hydrangeas and daisies that miraculously didn’t just wither away this winter and getting the areas around the peonies and rhubarb cleared out of any debris.   I had never tasted rhubarb before moving here.  It’s like a giant red and green celery stalk.  It’s very sour.  When it starts growing again, I will make a strawberry rhubarb pie and share it.  It really is wonderful! We have been goingRead More →

Recently, my husband and I traveled to Spokane Washington for a getaway.  I wasn’t feeling well over Valentines so this little trip was a wonderful post Valentines treat.  My sweet sister in law Teri volunteered to watch our little beautiful girl and our dog!  Wow!  Vacation alone!  Fabulous! It’s a short drive for us to Spokane and the mountain passes are snow filled still, but so so beautiful. On our way there, we were researching places to go for a bite.  We are both foodies so whenever we travel, seeking out good food is a must.  As luck would have it, when we pulled intoRead More →

There is lot’s happening here at Big Sky Farmhouse.  We are now preparing to welcome about 25 baby chicks to our home and we’ve been fixing up our barn’s chicken coop to make their home nice, cozy, and safe from predators in the area who would love to eat our baby chicks for a snack.  Not good.  Fortification of the chicken coop….necessity. Hmm., let’s see what else.  I needed a little retail therapy after my Airman son left so thank the Lord there is a city close enough that I can get my White House Black Market fix met and lay down a small fortuneRead More →

The snow is melting, and life is springing forward here.  The birds are chirping and casing their potential bird houses for Spring babies, the deer are out in full force, the water is flowing in the creek, and our little newborn silver Galloway calf is doing just fine.  We are still awaiting the arrival of another potentially silver calf, but his momma was not artificially inseminated like the other silver Galloway heifer so we are now on calf watch for another 60 or so days. With this Springish weather, I suddenly feel the need to clean out closets, drawers, cabinets…you name it. Now, feeling theRead More →

Good morning!  My my, yesterday was an eventful day and there are many exciting happenings occurring here at the moment. For starters, my airman son is coming home for a visit!  Yes!  I am so excited to see him and his little sister will no doubt scream with glee when he walks in, just like she does when we get to face time him from thousands of miles away.  She always tries to touch the phone to get to him.  It really is the cutest thing ever.  Since he joined the Air Force, we still get to talk frequently and this FaceTime thing has beenRead More →