1/18/19 Update. Sooo.  Long time no type.   I haven’t written here in a long long time.  Why?  Hmmm.  The short of it is, I lost interest.  I almost died from sepsis when my appendix burst and I spent that week in the hospital with a tube dangling from my stomach with so many months of recovery.  That little huge event in my young life put things into perspective.   I was spending a ton of time here when I could spend it elsewhere.  That, coupled with the fact that we have spent the last year and a half renovating our entire downstairs, cooking onRead More →

What in the world can be better than a Macadamia Nut Ghirardelli White Chocolate Chip Cookie?  Not much in this ladies world.  There is something to be said about the macadamia nut…smooth and almost buttery with a consistency you want to keep biting into just to feel it break up in your mouth again and again.  They are definitely a top 3 in the nuts and seeds category for me. We had some friends visit recently.  They live a few hours from us and they also raise Galloway Beef Cattle too.  Our Galloway Bulls have a little crush on their Galloway female cows so theyRead More →

Make cookies like a BOSS!  Anytime is a good time for the Ultimate Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie!  There are literally thousands of chocolate chip cookie recipes out there.  I have made probably 100 different recipes for the chocolate goodies in my lifetime, previously and primarily settling on the recipe listed on the nestle tollhouse package.  That tollhouse recipe, my friends….is in the past. THIS recipe, works so fabulously for me, I now make it solely and keep a batch made and ready to go in the freezer for unexpected guests and a quick sweet treat for THOSE kind of days.   It freezesRead More →

The softest, moist-cakiest, pumpkin cookies you will ever taste.

This girl right here needs no excuses to consume delicious pumpkin…any time of the year.  That’s where these soft and moist pumpkin cookies with vanilla drizzle come in.   I often yearn for Fall just because I love it so much and one can unabashedly consume pumpkin in every form possible but I can totally eat pumpkin in March and be a smitten kitten. Heaven with a capital P!  These cookies are so moist and all around fantastic that they will stay soft and fresh-like  for up to 4-5 days in your cookie jar. I think it’s the moisture in the pumpkin…whatever it is, yesRead More →

Updated Recipe added 1/18/19, (See that post for recipe.) I’ll admit. Oatmeal raisin cookies are not my absolute favorite cookie, but even though I don’t jump up and down at the prospect of oatmeal raisin cookies, I’d like to think they are a little healthier in the cookie department because they are made with oatmeal.Oh the lies we tell ourselves! If you wanna know the truth, my favorite cookies are store bought! Gasp! In fact I was in the line at the grocery store last night (my Super 1 is currently being renovated and it is like a game of hide and seek trying toRead More →