So, I made this fabulous banana coffee crumb cake last week.  It is totally worth sharing here because it is that yummy!  I was leaving town for about a week, and had several “seen better days” bananas needing attention on the counter.  Immediate attention in the form of the freezer, the trash (gasp! I dislike wasting) or a baked pan of total and complete goodness.  I chose the baked goodness. Partly because I was leaving town and for whatever reason I wanted to make sure my husband had breakfast for a few days?  Not sure why I do that as he is a fully capableRead More →

Sour Cream Lemon Loaf Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Glaze - Big Sky Farmhouse

When life gives you lemons…..make this delectable Sour Cream Lemon Loaf Cake.  Oh yeah, it also has this very very tasty lemon simple syrup to make it even more heavenly and then it is topped with this absolutely luscious lemon cream cheese glaze.  I love lemon pretty much any time of year but I think it even more appropriate in the Summer don’t you?  I am filing this little dreamy cake under “cakes” but I think…it wouldn’t be a problem if one also had it for breakfast with coffee.  What?  We don’t judge here on this little part of the internet.  Haha.  We are foodies…hearRead More →

Today was our 2 year old baby girl’s birthday party.  It’s been getting warmer here and the snow has all melted…for now.  Spring is on my mind and butterflies, ladybugs, and daffodils are always the signs I look for to welcome the season enthusiastically. This moist and rich lemon blueberry cake was perfect as a prelude to warmer weather and to commemorate the occasion, although a little late.   A lot of our family came to celebrate and enjoy the first birthday where she actually realizes those bright and beautifully wrapped packages are for her!  Better  yet, they contain toys…actual toys!  Nap time was imminentRead More →

Today is a very exciting day for me.  My son is on his way home and has already landed in the city closest to me!   He’s been awake now for over 36 hours so I suspect he’s going  to be a little rummy when I see him.   For dinner, we are having a very non calorie friendly meal, but oh soon good.  He loves it so I’m making it special.  It’s a German spaetzle meal that is super yummy.  Spaetzle is a German egg noodle. If my super ninja camera skills are working tonight and the lighting is good, you will see itRead More →