So, I made this fabulous banana coffee crumb cake last week.  It is totally worth sharing here because it is that yummy!  I was leaving town for about a week, and had several “seen better days” bananas needing attention on the counter.  Immediate attention in the form of the freezer, the trash (gasp! I dislike wasting) or a baked pan of total and complete goodness.  I chose the baked goodness. Partly because I was leaving town and for whatever reason I wanted to make sure my husband had breakfast for a few days?  Not sure why I do that as he is a fully capableRead More →

I am just throwing this out as a warning.  These moist zucchini muffins with this delectable sweet crumb topping may just cause you to turn into a human vacuum.  By that I mean, you may just Hoover these bad boys right up.  That is how moist and completely delicious they are.  Holy heck.  I have now made these twice this week!  Partly because I have zucchini coming out of my ears and partly because I made them first without a crumb topping and they were good but not mind blowing.  Fast forward to this morning and the sweet addition of this crumb topping…Boom! I likeRead More →

Homemade buns at their best.

I do have a little thing for big soft hamburger buns.  Call it a “bun crush.”  Not buns of steel which I should have a crush on but soft doughy hamburger buns. Nothing’s better than a fresh baked hamburger bun, used immediately after baking with a large Galloway Grassfed Beef hamburger patty.   Nothing but, having a bunch of those hamburger bun babies bagged and frozen, ready to go at a moment’s notice for impromptu hamburger dinners.  I am a helluva hotmess these days when it comes to dinner.  Not really interested thanks.  LOL  As such, last night we had dinner in Missoula at myRead More →

I am on a lemon kick these days.  I recently made that lemon loaf cake last week which was phenomenal and I have been wanting these lemon blueberry scones with my morning coffee this week.   Luckily for me, I always have a few fresh lemons on the counter awaiting good use, and almost always have a large bag of blueberries tucked away nicely in the freezer….just for lemon blueberry moments like this.  So complimentary of each other, these two flavors are luscious together and commonly used in all kinds of baking to include cakes such as this one that I posted in March.  Read More →

Glorious pita bread for all types of meals

Pita bread, I think, is one of the most underrated breads there are out there.  I truly think it can be used for most dishes if push really came to shove and frankly, I could just sit and eat this soft and chewy homemade pita bread straight up, piece by piece, without anything else.  Well, maybe a glass of wine and some cheese, salami, and olives too!  Yum.   This bread has just the right texture and can be made at least a day ahead of when it’s needed.  It has lasted in our refrigerator for up to a week and the texture remains inRead More →

This moist cornbread with honey flufferbutter goes fantastically well with the beef chili recipe I posted yesterday.  It has a moist consistency which I think is rare if creamed corn isn’t called for…which in this case, it’s not.  I do love cornbread with creamed corn as well as it adds that sweet chewiness and moisture too, but my husband isn’t a fan so I tend to make things that I know we will ALL eat.  Besides, I am not going to eat an entire pan of cornbread by myself although I might give it a second  thought if it were brownies.. I do have aRead More →

This donut story has nothing in common with these fantastic cranberry orange morning biscuits but I’m gonna tell it anyway because I feel it should be known and it is kinda related.  In my mind they are anyway. “Bad Cop No Donut.”  Ever seen that bumper sticker?   One of my least favorites.  “The beatings will continue until moral improves”….one of my favs and depending on where you are working, totally applicable.  Smile.  Now, I know that the general public really thinks that all cops eat donuts and it is the meal of choice for most officers.  Not true.  In fact, the majority of policeRead More →

Cranberry Orange Scones I love love love cranberry and orange together. Absolutely love it. Scones are a bit biscuit like and we love small scones with our morning coffee occasionally. My husband is an adventurous eater. He loves to try all kinds of recipes and this morning we were going back and forth about which recipe to make. There is a cranberry/orange biscuit recipe that my wonderful sister in law Teri makes. My husband loves it and is giddy whenever she sends some to our house. I love the biscuits too and nosh without abandon whenever they come our way. Fortunately for my tastebuds andRead More →

Update-9/8/17 I now use THIS RECIPE for the Best Hamburger Buns and I keep the soft french bread rolls available to serve with dinner. I made these rolls yesterday in preparation for some hamburgers for dinner.  Sometimes I make my own bread and sometimes I don’t.   Sometimes, time is limited and I buy them from the store.  Gasp!  In my former city girl life, I couldn’t imagine ever making my own hamburger rolls.  What?  Why in the heck would I do that when I can buy perfectly good rolls at the store on my way home from work after a 10 hour day, whileRead More →

loaf Bread

This white loaf bread makes wonderful toast and sandwiches.  It has a very slight sweet taste and freezes well. White Loaf Bread Prep Time-15 minutes to mix and knead. 2 hours to rise. Bake Time-30 minutes Servings-Bakes two loafs in a 4 X 8 loaf pan. (I use metal loaf pans instead of glass. The metal seems to bake a better loaf.) This bread freezes well. This recipe is adapted from an “Amish Bread” recipe I located from an unknown source on Pinterest. White Loaf Bread-Big Sky Farmhouse 1-20-17   PrintWhite Loaf Bread-Big Sky Farmhouse Ingredients6 C. Bread Flour (If you don’t have bread flour,Read More →