I had a taste for the Chipotle inspired beef barbacoa salad recently.  I know Chipotle has has some bad pub in the past couple years.  Problems with pork sourcing and people getting sick at the Chipotle restaurants . When I hear news like that, I think to myself, “self, this is the best time to go to these restaurants.  They are now the cleanest restaurants in the whole city because they are under the microscope to increase and perfect standards.  Go. Enjoy! Other people are home avoiding the place which says to me, “no line.”  Yay!” I think my Airman son could literally eat ChipotleRead More →

I first tried this cheeseburger soup recipe at my sister in law Teri’s house. She made it while we were all out working cattle for the day. We were all very tired and hungry so it was the perfect meal for such an occasion. She is an amazing cook and has been trained at culinary school. She is always trying new things and is adventurous in the kitchen. Recently, we had a birthday party at our home and had a soup buffet. It had been over a year since I had it but fortunately Teri brought it for the soup buffet too. I was inRead More →

My husband is a bit of a foodie.  I swear his tastebuds were installed by NASA or something and he can totally pick out complex flavors in things and list them out like he’s dictating a memo.  It’s a bit unnerving as the house chef I tell ya.  There are times, rare times, that I can sneak something in (like cream cheese which he’s not a fan of) and he doesn’t know.  Cajun Chicken is one of those meals but shhhhh.  Don’t tell him.   But tonight, he made a request for these amazing mushroom-swiss hamburgers.  He could probably eat hamburgers a couple times aRead More →