Luxuriously delishious

So first off.  This picture is ridiculous.  It in no way shows how absolutely fabulous and so incredibly tasty this lasagna soup actually is.  You see, I made this and threw all the ingredients in, only half expecting the wonder that would take place in my bowl and in my mouth later.  Upon tasting said soup greatness, I realized I should have staged and snapped a nice yummy pic before hand complete with the cheese melted on top.  So, if you can just get past the lack of creativity in the picture, and you make this pot of hot cheesy comfort lasagna soup, your tastebudsRead More →

Greek Gyro Inspired goodness!

There’s this place in the town nearest us that does pretty good business in the Greek Gyro food department.  Situated near the college and staffed with at least one lady that has been there since the dawn of day, it is a humble and small-often packed house full of hungry people enjoying gyros, french fries, and cucumber tzatziki sauce. My husband and his best friend Tom are truly experts in the field of Greek Gyros (actually, they hold this title in most food categories) and they’ve been loyal customers to this little establishment for years and years.  Tom, spent many countless days fiddling with theRead More →

So today I had plans to be outside in the beautiful sunshine…possibly making a short video for the series I started, “Things no one told me when I moved to the Country.”  But alas, mother nature has different plans for my day.  It is windy and cold with no sunshine in sight.  So, after a short walk, because my 2 year old needs to burn off all that energy, I have spent the remainder of my afternoon inside watching “The Patriot” (I love the old style dresses the females wear in the film-a reminder of how simple and unadulterated life was for people back thenRead More →

Looking for amazing and flavorful broccoli beef you can make at home....this is it!

I’m only a broccoli fan if it has A LOT of flavor or it’s dipped in ranch…a throwback to childhood.  I know we tell our kids that the little broccoli trees are fun and healthy and we delight in seeing our family eat the Green Giant goodness that is broccoli, but flavor is key!  An absolute must for me! Full of flavor and better than restaurant broccoli beef, this dish is SOOO amazing the first night, but even better the next day for leftovers!  The key, is to start with good beef.  The beef makes the difference between melting in your mouth or chewing incessantly…well,Read More →

Daffodils.  Where are you?  I need you in my life.  No matter how much I am yearning and longing for Spring flowers this year, the weather keeps teasing me with signs of Spring…only to wake me up the next morning in a blanket of fresh snow! It is totally beautiful, but I do have this little energetic girl who would like to get outside and wreak havoc in the yard and be free to run and walk through the fields to see her cows and her horses and her arriving baby chicks. Because it is STILL snowing here off and on, the weather really callsRead More →

This baked teriyaki meatball recipe will be a hit at your dinner table!  It is that good.  My family absolutely loves these little sweet balls of goodness.  I like my teriyaki a little spicier so I always add more crushed red pepper to my plate. I serve it with rice and if I think about it ahead of time and have veggies ready, I will add steamed broccoli and carrots. On another side note…of which I’m really great at….I wrote about this before but it obviously left such a memory and was so prevalent in my daily activities back in Las Vegas, it begs repeating….orRead More →

The LAST meatball recipe you will ever need!  So versatile and so flavorful.  They are easy to bake and all you need to do is add sauce!  You can bake these meatballs right away or freeze a bunch in Ziplock in the amounts proportionate to your family size.  I just mark the bag with a sharpie so I know how many are in the bag.  When you need a quick meal, just pull them out of the freezer about an hour before baking time.  Then, 425 15-17 minutes and bam!  Quick dinner!  I recently made these with an incredible teriyaki sauce I will be postingRead More →

I’ve toyed with many a stuffed green pepper recipe.  All have been ho-hum.  Until now.  Flavorful, packed with lean ground beef, seasonings, and at least one flavorful surprise (organic cream of mushroom soup), this is a repeater at our table and I feel good about serving lean ground beef and vitamin packed green peppers.  My almost two year old devoured hers, my husband walked away saying, “momma killed it” and our dog Lilly was mighty unhappy.  You see, usually, she and the baby girl are a tag team duo, skilled in the art of making food we don’t like–disappear.  I think our dog Lilly thinksRead More →

Warning, there is way too much information in this post.  But, I kinda like it that way. SMILE! The meatballs used in this recipe are super versatile and can be used with all kinds of sauces.  It really does help on those busy days to already have a bag of these meatballs frozen and thawed for a quick meal.  If I had lot’s of little helpers around, I’d have a meatball forming party one day and mass produce about 20 bags as they are that great to have around and so much easier on the chef!  In fact, on days where I don’t have anyRead More →

Normally, my favorite homemade enchiladas are green chile chicken but these beef barbacoa enchiladas are a contender for my current first place!   Lucky for me my ranking system when it comes to food is always changing and morphing based on new food experiences. We raise grass fed Galloway cattle and as such, we have lots of this awesome flavorful beef in our freezer.  So, I am always looking for fabulous ways to incorporate beef into my meals. These beef barbacoa enchiladas are a wonderful way to use our healthy grass fed beef.  My husband, who will tell it like it is, described these beefRead More →