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Update Update-7/22/17

Notice-I am NOT a salesperson.  I am sharing info here with you though because I am a believer.

I have spent too much time and money purchasing little hopeful miracles in a bottle after the age of about 35, only to be disappointed.  I know I am not the only one this has happened to.  Money down the drain to keep my skin looking great.  Not anymore ladies (and gents).  Not anymore!

You see, I am the type who only believes about half of what I actually see and none of what I “hear.”  I just have to share this with you because I KNOW there are women out there who want better looking and feeling skin, or are struggling with skin issues.  So, I’ve been using this skincare for about 3 weeks now.  ONLY 3 short weeks! Within one week though, I noticed a HUGE difference in the FEEL of my skin.  It felt like butter…so smooth and supple.  No way!  I thought.? I am simply amazed.  I love love love it and I am totally sold on the effectiveness of the skin care.  After only 3 weeks, my skin is so soft and glowing and just beautiful.  It looks so beautiful, my husband even commented!  I am going to take 8 week personal shots so you can see the difference but all I can say is I am now a life long customer.

This is Chris. Check out his skin and how it changed!

So, my skepticism ruled supreme when I first heard about Rodan and Fields and I was not about to share a product with anyone if I couldn’t get behind it myself. If I wouldn’t use something, why would I subject anyone else to it?  So, I started my own trial period with these Rodan and Fields products and I’m so happy I did.  Even if I never ever sell one product to anyone, I will continue to use it and reap the benefits of fabulous looking skin for myself.

This is Laura. Her skin is beautiful and a result of Rodan and Fields Skincare.

The biggest area I have noticed a difference and an almost immediate one, was my neck.  When I worked in my police uniform for those decades, I always had rougher feeling skin around my neck and it totally bugged me.  My starched collar/uniform shirt always rubbed and caused irritation that never seemed to fully go away, even after I retired.  Then, I moved from the dry dessert of Las Vegas to what is a “different” dry climate in the mountains and my skin became even drier resulting in that patchy roughness just under my jawline along the sides of my neck.  I think I had just come to the resolution that my neck would always be a little rough and dry.  Now, with these truly astonishing products, I know that isn’t true.  Ask all my family now and they will probably roll their eyes….I am always feeling my neck at random times in conversations…I cannot get over how soft it is!  Now, my whole face feels this way, but because I never had that feel on my neck until I started using Rodan and Fields, I am totally celebrating it…even if my family is annoyed by my neck feel up all the time.  LOL

Meet Jeannette. Holy moly! Look at the difference.

If you are ever fed up with all the expensive department store products…believe me, I have tried them all..and you want beautiful skin once and for all, take a chance.  Be your Be-you-t-ful self and jump in.  You will not be sorry and you’ll wished you started earlier.  And, by the slightest remote chance that you aren’t happy with the products, you can return the empty bottles within 60 days.  Yeah!

So, if you are interested…remember, I hate sales and I don’t like pushy people…AT ALL, check out my site or send me an email.  If you do, or if you don’t…..that’s ok.  I am just gonna continue to use these totally amazing products myself.   The ball is yours belles and beauties.  It’s in your court.

If the prices scare you, remember that it is totally returnable.  What do you have to lose?  Your beautiful skin maybe?? But, maybe, just maybe, you are hooked and want to continue to get your glow on… me.  LOL  Be well my friends, be well.


First Post 7/3/17

Hi there belles and beauties.  So, here I am reading about this amazing “Life Changing” skin care called Rodan and Fields.  I am always thinking.  Wish I could turn it off really.  Mind chatter needs an on/off switch.  Anyhow, it always starts out by me addressing myself as,”self..”  And this little adventure is no different.  Call me crazy, but who doesn’t want absolutely beautiful skin?  So, when my new friend (Gloria) called me through an old police friend, (Mike- her husband who is a man who never minces words and is just lovely to have by your side if you are outnumbered in a police call for service brawl…) I thought, “self…hmmmm, let’s roll the dice and give this Rodan and Fields a shot.”

Recognizing that you get a better financial deal on these “life changing” skin care products and you get to help out a fellow female entrepreneur if you sign up for this, I jumped right in.  After all, it’s no secret that everyone is getting older and you are the youngest you are ever going to be right now at this very moment.  Guess what?  Your skin knows it too.  Ugg right? I know mine knows I’m in my errr…..late 30’s…well, very close anyway.   Shhhh.  The whole point is, we aren’t in the grave yet and beauty might need a little assistance now that 20 has left the building and is not coming back.  Right?

So, now, I patiently await the 2 day Fedex delivery (free shipping) to my farmhouse in the country so that I can begin my new simple “life changing” regimen.

I am going to be documenting my progress and placing all those little no make up (yikes-quick run for your lives) shots of my progress right here in this very spot.  Lord, please give me the strength and the courage……

Now, the great thing about this is if and when this “life changing” regimen works well for me, I am going to have this little spot, right here on the internet, to make it available to you.  If, it doesn’t, there is a 60 day money back guarantee (with or without any product left) and well, life goes on and the delete button works well on this little web site of mine.

I told Gloria, I am not a salesman.  (In fact, I can’t stand trying to be sold on anything.)  She said, “that’s ok, because neither am I or anyone else who is a Consultant for Rodan and Fields.”   We represent something that we use and love and when something works, you don’t have to sell it…it sells itself.”

The short of it is..Rodan and Fields products do not require any prescription and they are working for hundreds of thousands of women out there.  From the same doctors that created the Skin Regimen Proactiv, there is now a regimen for all skin types in Rodan and Fields.  The skin care line offers dermatological results without going to a dermatologist and getting a prescription. The creating doctors have patented what is called Multi-Med Therapy which is the right ingredients with the right formulation and in the right order to get prescription strength results.

So, if you are interested in seeing what Rodan and Fields can possibly do for you and your skin, please come back and visit me here to see my progress and inquire about ordering this “life changing” skin care for yourself!

If, you have already tried this amazing skin line and you want to replenish your little bottles of skin goodness, please feel free to go to my new link below to replenish your supply.

All the best!


Independent Consultant, Rodan and Fields