Breeding and raising grass fed beef cattle has been what I call, “on the job training” to say the least. I suppose, it could even be labeled “field training” as it’s called in my former police world back in Vegas and I can even attest to a foot pursuit or two although I was the one being pursued by an angry momma cow while my husband and son tagged the baby calf’s ear and weighed the newly born little guy. My former field training officers at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police back when I was barely 21 years old (most of whom have moved ontoRead More →

Cranberry Orange Scones I love love love cranberry and orange together. Absolutely love it. Scones are a bit biscuit like and we love small scones with our morning coffee occasionally. My husband is an adventurous eater. He loves to try all kinds of recipes and this morning we were going back and forth about which recipe to make. There is a cranberry/orange biscuit recipe that my wonderful sister in law Teri makes. My husband loves it and is giddy whenever she sends some to our house. I love the biscuits too and nosh without abandon whenever they come our way. Fortunately for my tastebuds andRead More →

I was scrolling through my instagram feed…something I try to limit to just twice a day or it can completely take control of my life as I eww and ahhh over the pictures and ideas, when I saw this beautiful picture from The Pioneer Woman. A simple hawaiian hamburger. Remembering the yellowish squishy looking mushroom swiss hamburger photo I posted about a week ago, I just started laughing… myself. Mind you, my hamburger’s flavor was absolutely yummo, and I can’t wait to eat them again, but my photo…..sad, just so sad. You have to have a sense of humor about these things. Thank goodness IRead More →


  I am originally from Las Vegas. A place where you can literally fry an egg on the sidewalk in the summer and the interior of your vehicle gets so incredibly hot during the day that people have tried to bake chocolate chip cookies on the dash board in their cars. True story. I saw it on the news so it must be true. It gets to 120 degrees on the pavement during the day in Vegas and in my former life as a law enforcement officer, directing traffic or standing on a crime scene for 6 hours was just plain ovenlike. Our uniforms consistedRead More →

There exists a huge learning curve for starting a blog. You really must be talented in quite a few areas such as communicating, organizing, planning, collaborating, creativity, and photography.  Thank goodness my brainy brother Jeff is a techie so I haven’t had to become talented in that area too.  I read quite a few blogs and many of them have been a beautiful work in progress for 5-10 years. In their own ways, each of the blog author’s talk about some of their lessons learned and I am a sponge, trying to soak it all up. I am learning as I go and so farRead More →

My husband is a bit of a foodie.  I swear his tastebuds were installed by NASA or something and he can totally pick out complex flavors in things and list them out like he’s dictating a memo.  It’s a bit unnerving as the house chef I tell ya.  There are times, rare times, that I can sneak something in (like cream cheese which he’s not a fan of) and he doesn’t know.  Cajun Chicken is one of those meals but shhhhh.  Don’t tell him.   But tonight, he made a request for these amazing mushroom-swiss hamburgers.  He could probably eat hamburgers a couple times aRead More →

Update-9/8/17 I now use THIS RECIPE for the Best Hamburger Buns and I keep the soft french bread rolls available to serve with dinner. I made these rolls yesterday in preparation for some hamburgers for dinner.  Sometimes I make my own bread and sometimes I don’t.   Sometimes, time is limited and I buy them from the store.  Gasp!  In my former city girl life, I couldn’t imagine ever making my own hamburger rolls.  What?  Why in the heck would I do that when I can buy perfectly good rolls at the store on my way home from work after a 10 hour day, whileRead More →

I wrote this in August, ’16 after the final day of BMT graduation weekend.  Seeing my son graduate and become a United States Airman was quite the experience.  I am proud to be an Air Force Mom! “Today, right before I had to say goodbye at Lackland Airfare Base to my newly graduated Airman son at the required 1800 hour, we sat quietly at a picnic table having some dinner and laughs after a very quick 4 days of partial freedom for him from training. The sun was shining, and young military women and men were busy with activities throughout the large base. There areRead More →

“Choose your friends wisely. They will bring you UP, or they will bring you DOWN.” I said that to my son when we lived in the big city pretty regularly. Enough that I’d receive the automated eye roll by the time he reached his late teenage years but also enough that i know he remembers it and perhaps, just perhaps he thinks about the character of people he calls his inner circle. I am pretty fortunate in that I met my best friend when we were young girls still and I would walk through fire for her to this day. She would do the same.Read More →

Most moms gets to the place eventually. The place where they’ve been replaced. Sigh. Last night was that time for me. I am an Air Force mom. “wingman, leader, warrior..I will never falter, and I will not fail!” My airman is flying home for a visit soon. When I asked him what time he would be in so that I can be at the airport on time, I saw it on his FaceTime face. He didn’t even have to say anything. I wasn’t the one that was going to pick him up. “Bu….t What do you mean? Ohhhh. I get it. Ok.” Ugg He’s beenRead More →