Lessons in Country Living, Part 4 - Big Sky Farmhouse

I so enjoy being able to detail for you all the differences I have encountered and will continue to encounter in the tremendous change in life I made when I moved from Sin City Las Vegas to a quiet life in the Country of the Big Sky State. Life in the Country continues to bring me experiences that I discover are different from what I am used to. I imagine this will continue, having lived the first half of my life in the concrete jungle and highly populated and glittery desert environment. Just last night, I had another experience that was new and oh soRead More →

One thing is for sure, raising a little one in the Country is vastly different from the City.  The nature, the animals, the farm work all shape and mold the little ones in this kind of environment in ways that don’t usually happen the same in the City.  Back in Las Vegas while raising my son, I was worried that he would be robbed at gun point while walking home from Elementary School for his house key and Game Boy because that was legitimately happening there…here, I worry about this little girl with all her fierceness and independence, making her way to the creek unsupervised,Read More →

I grew up in the Southwest where Mexican food was abundant and super easy to find.  Some places were better than others, as is common everywhere.  Sometimes I miss my favorite red cheese enchiladas from my favorite Mexican restaurant restaurant as well as their best in the whole universe freshly made tortilla chips and tomato salsa.  Whenever I visit, I hit that place and take a whole vat of that salsa home with me.  A must!  I have yet to duplicate their red sauce for enchiladas but it will be happening folks…I promise you that.  I need that red sauce in my life!  LOL SinceRead More →

Cattle round up days occur around here at the Big Sky Farmhouse, home of the Bitterroot Galloways Grassfed Beef Cattle Co. a couple times a year.  They are always big events that begin early in the morning and end later in the evening.  This year, we waited a bit longer to move our herd of Galloway cows and calves by a couple weeks and ended up gathering up the family to jump in and help on Memorial Day as the kids were out of school. Our herd of Galloway Grass Fed Beef Cattle are naturally very docile and usually very easy to corral with food.Read More →

Sunday, the day before our family Galloway Cattle round up and move, we all got together to celebrate a family birthday.  As is common for family events, everyone brought a dish.  I was elected to bring a salad so I put together this one!  It is very simple and was really enjoyable.  Normally, I don’t get too excited about a salad because well, it’s salad.  Where’s the real food?  But, this was truly wonderful, surprisingly so….for salad! Here you go!  Now you have it too!  Maybe you can use it on your next cattle drive or family birthday party!   PrintCandied Pecan and Pear SaladRead More →

Happy Memorial Day, 2017!   Yesterday was jam packed with cows mooing, poo flying, gates swinging, and saying, “haaaa…move it, haaa move it!” all day long to about 40 calves and 40 momma cows who needed to be moved to other pasture destinations to be placed with different bulls for breeding purposes.  The girls are going to love the long green grass, but the process of getting to those destinations….not so much. It was 84 degrees and I think the heat is something you get used to NOT being used to fairly quickly when you aren’t in it everyday.  It felt like it was swelteringRead More →

Sweet, fresh, and perfect for summer, this strawberry pie is simple and yummy.

I love Summer here!  It is green, lush, beautiful and the nature is bustling.  There are a few things that stand out as Summer to me.  Floppy sun hats, flip flop sandals, lemonade, and strawberry pie are at the top of that list. As a child, my Grandad took us to Disneyland every Summer.  He was a good man…in his early years he tried to be an actor (was even friends with James Dean) but decided it took “20 years to become an overnight sensation” and followed another path.  Witty and handsome, he was one of a kind. On the way to Los Angeles andRead More →

Make cookies like a BOSS!  Anytime is a good time for the Ultimate Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie!  There are literally thousands of chocolate chip cookie recipes out there.  I have made probably 100 different recipes for the chocolate goodies in my lifetime, previously and primarily settling on the recipe listed on the nestle tollhouse package.  That tollhouse recipe, my friends….is in the past. THIS recipe, works so fabulously for me, I now make it solely and keep a batch made and ready to go in the freezer for unexpected guests and a quick sweet treat for THOSE kind of days.   It freezesRead More →

Pie is a deeply personal experience.  Pie crust, even more so.  Ask any pie lover and they will tell you unabashedly about the best pie crust they have ever eaten and their own personal desires in said pie crust.  Flakey, buttery, thick, thin, latticed, plain, etc. etc.  Some people have memories of the way their mom made pie crust and if they don’t have the actual recipe, they search it out for years..  Did it have vinegar in it?  An egg perhaps?  All butter?  Strictly crisco? One thing is for sure in all our pie making efforts and pie crust replicating efforts, pie is oneRead More →

It seems like a million years since I posted!  It has been crazy busy in this retired life and it all started when the green started bursting in the trees and grass around these parts.  I have been traveling to Hawaiian paradise, ogling the pretty tropical flowers and enjoying the healing waters of the great Pacific Ocean.  I took so many great photos of all the flowers and I really wish they would all grow here in my yard too.  So beautiful!  I posted one every day while I was gone on my Insta page so please take a look if you want to seeRead More →