I have this friend named Karen. She was so right when she said, living in this rural farm environment that, “you need another man around.” My husband just informed me we need to move a new freezer in and everything needs to be moved from one to another. What? I was planning on relaxing in my robe while having peeled grapes fed to me today. That doesn’t fit into my plans. Living in the city, everything was made very easy for me. My recycling was picked up twice a month right at the curb. What? Yes. Right at the curb. Now we keep everything separatedRead More →


For the past week I’ve been creating names for my blog in my head only to have the dream of a cherished name dashed when I found it was already taken on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook. These are the big four right? “Your readers will expect to find you under the same name while searching for you on the net” I read. Hmmm. Okay. Well, this morning, I was thinking again while my husband watched his beloved business money network. I wish I could be more interested in watching news about the stock market but I am not. At all. (Laughing) My mind thinksRead More →