Homemade buns at their best.

I do have a little thing for big soft hamburger buns.  Call it a “bun crush.”  Not buns of steel which I should have a crush on but soft doughy hamburger buns. Nothing’s better than a fresh baked hamburger bun, used immediately after baking with a large Galloway Grassfed Beef hamburger patty.   Nothing but, having a bunch of those hamburger bun babies bagged and frozen, ready to go at a moment’s notice for impromptu hamburger dinners.  I am a helluva hotmess these days when it comes to dinner.  Not really interested thanks.  LOL  As such, last night we had dinner in Missoula at myRead More →

Ever have one of those months when you are just anti-kitchen?  I’m there.  Just keeping it real folks.  Summer is here and there about 10,000 berries to pick, a hen house full of chickens, a cattle herd that I enjoy photographing and a house to decorate farm style.  If I had a superpower right now at this very moment it would be the ability to avoid the kitchen.  My kitchen game has been much like a soup sandwich these last couple weeks. Occasionally this month, I have meandered through that place called the kitchen and thrown a good meal together, including this absolutely wonderful BakedRead More →

Ok, so now that we’re in this a bit, let me do a recap in my lessons in country living.  For all my city friends this may be enlightening and at the very least somewhat entertaining…for all my country friends, it’s ok if you roll your eyes at my silliness here while you nod your head in agreement at my stating the real deal about country life. So, if you’ll remember, these are the facts of life in the Country. 1.)Rubber Boots.  You will wear them, you will rock them. 2.) Camo.  Worn way too much here in Montana Country. 3.) Baseball caps, jeans andRead More →

When your husband, a foodie and fish lover, utters the words “monumental” and “outstanding” in regards to THIS salmon dish, you know it is an undeniable out of this world type of meal. And it is. It was. Devoured is really the term. See, I made this dish and the husband called and said he was going to be late so I sat down to consume this with my daughter and set his out to sit on the counter until he could get here. While my little country girl fidgeted in her high chair and squished the salmon between her little fingers, I took myRead More →

Remember that commercial where they spelled it out?  “J-E-LL-O…”  No.. Hmm.  Ok, moving on…Nothing to see here. haha If jello is your fav or you are looking for a throwback to childhood, this jello salad is a slightly sophisticated version of the old stand by and is unbelievably creamy and sweet at the same time.  I found a version of the one I made today in an old Taste of Home Magazine from last Summer.  I adapted this recipe using different fruit and jello (basically what I had on hand).  I loved the picture of the colors even though I am a milk chocolate girlRead More →

I tell you what….this Thai BBQ Shrimp is so yummy and delicious I almost want to keep the flavors to myself.  Almost.  I am not stingy like that though and I truly think that friends shouldn’t let friends eat yukky food.  Know what I mean?  I am not like those peeps that like to hold all the great food recipes close to the cuff and never ever share what’s in em.  I have been around thoooose kinds of people.  Share the love folks…share it. So, back to these tasty shrimp morsels of crustacean goodness!  There was this little hole in the wall back in LasRead More →

Thai Red Curry Peanut Chicken - Big Sky Farmhouse

With Summer in full effect, the food fair has been a little less uhh, filling..in our neck of the woods.  Not the time for warm bowls of chili or clam chowder or mac and cheese…although those things are completely and utterly amazing, warm days just call for salads and protein in our house most of the time.   This Thai Red Curry Peanut Chicken fits in perfectly with that plan.  Packed full of flavor, this chicken is perfect with a salad or sautee’d veggies and if you are craving some carbs, rice would accompany it very well due to the amazing sauce/marinade. Thai Red CurryRead More →

I am on a lemon kick these days.  I recently made that lemon loaf cake last week which was phenomenal and I have been wanting these lemon blueberry scones with my morning coffee this week.   Luckily for me, I always have a few fresh lemons on the counter awaiting good use, and almost always have a large bag of blueberries tucked away nicely in the freezer….just for lemon blueberry moments like this.  So complimentary of each other, these two flavors are luscious together and commonly used in all kinds of baking to include cakes such as this one that I posted in March.  Read More →

What in the world can be better than a Macadamia Nut Ghirardelli White Chocolate Chip Cookie?  Not much in this ladies world.  There is something to be said about the macadamia nut…smooth and almost buttery with a consistency you want to keep biting into just to feel it break up in your mouth again and again.  They are definitely a top 3 in the nuts and seeds category for me. We had some friends visit recently.  They live a few hours from us and they also raise Galloway Beef Cattle too.  Our Galloway Bulls have a little crush on their Galloway female cows so theyRead More →

Sour Cream Lemon Loaf Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Glaze - Big Sky Farmhouse

When life gives you lemons…..make this delectable Sour Cream Lemon Loaf Cake.  Oh yeah, it also has this very very tasty lemon simple syrup to make it even more heavenly and then it is topped with this absolutely luscious lemon cream cheese glaze.  I love lemon pretty much any time of year but I think it even more appropriate in the Summer don’t you?  I am filing this little dreamy cake under “cakes” but I think…it wouldn’t be a problem if one also had it for breakfast with coffee.  What?  We don’t judge here on this little part of the internet.  Haha.  We are foodies…hearRead More →