About Me

 About Me


Hi there.  Welcome.  I’m Kasey.  I’m a wife, an Air Force mom to a wonderful son and a new mom to my baby girl at the same time!   I know!  What?  Yes.  What can I say?  I love being a mom and our little bundle from HEAVEN is pure LIGHT in our lives. I am also a woman with a huge crush on most things barn (new and old), canning jars which I use for almost everything, flour sack towels, and old round bodied apple trucks. Love them!

My daughter and I at my niece Mandy’s wedding. Fall 2016.

las_vegas_stripI’m fairly new to country living and my first almost 40 years were spent living in Sin CIty, Las Vegas.   I am formerly a Police Lieutenant with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department where I worked for over 22 years while raising my amazing-now 6’7 Airman son.  I met my handsome husband about 5 years ago and the rest is history! 

LVMPD Patrol Vehicles at Sunrise-NEAC (Photo Credit-Sgt. James Oaks’ Social Media Post)

I retired from my life in Sin City and moved to the country where my husband and I have a charming farmhouse nestled near a beautiful mountain range.  I am a foodie and wine lover, fiercely loyal to those I love, and a bit of a perfectionist which I’m working on.  It’s a process.  I wore a very heavy, uncomfortable uniform for about half of my career while the other half was spent in business suits and high heels.  I now spend my days in comfort clothes and boots and jeans and am loving every comfortable minute of it.  I have immense pride in my past career and have fond memories of the good charactered people I worked with there in Las Vegas.  It is a difficult job and I am proud to have been a part of it. 

Yup. This is me. Seems like a hundred years ago but really just a couple ago now.

My husband and I spend our time raising our daughter, having conversation over quiet morning coffee, trying and perfecting recipes, growing our own food, working on my long list of never ending home projects, breeding a herd of strictly grass fed-hormone free heritage cattle, traveling, and planning on all the possible trips I can take to see my son who is stationed overseas.  I am contemplating keeping honeybees and we are prepping to welcome some chickens in the Spring to our home.  I am pretty fond of sleep though and sometimes I think I take on too much.  Ya think? 


Living in the country has been eye opening for me.  What do you mean I can’t go to any restaurant I want and pick up some burritos or a chicken salad?   Tapas?  What’s that? There’s no Thai food here?  Huh?  There are no restaurants?  Oh?  Well no one cleared this with me.  Man oh man.  I must really love my husband.  I knew I needed to get my food game on and get it on quickly.  Sink or swim and I chose to swim.  Not everything I have made in my new office-the kitchen, has been fabulous.  There have been times I’ve made some pretty inedible food fair.  I pledge I will never share my disaster recipes, of which there have been plenty with trial and error, but I will happily and enthusiastically share all the amazing recipes I have with the goal of making you look like the Supreme Commander of the Kitchen.  We raise grass fed heritage cattle and I cook A LOT with beef so I hope to provide you with as many of the best beef recipes I can along with all the other favs of our family and a little bit of farmhouse and life anecdotes along the way.  

Thank you for stopping by my farmhouse.  Come back and see me soon.