Farm Chat 10-24-17—Big Sky Farmhouse

Farm Chat 10-24-17—Big Sky Farmhouse

I haven’t written in a long time. It feels just a bit neglectful.  But not really.

Fall day.

Since that awful burst appendix episode that has caused an irritating occasional stomach pain thingy to this day, I put the blog on the back burner. I had been at a place where I could start advertising and earning some moolah which is a great perk too but that week in the hospital just put things in perspective ya know?  During these past few months though, I found this thing called “instastories” (my son would sooo roll his eyes at me right now for acting like an untech knowing dinasaur but anyhoo….yeah, so.)
Instastories for all the other tech challenged unsavvy social networking inept dinasaurs out there or for those of you who could care less about what goes on on social media (I was one of them at one time and go through days where that intense dislike for all things social re-appears.) are a fun and oh so quick way to share what is happening in your world. So, I must admit, I like it because it is very easy to use, the short videos or photos supposedly (air quotes “supposedly”) disappear in 24 hours. It makes it super simple to just hop on and show you how to make a perfect yeast dough or celebrate my chickens giving us our first eggs. Because it is so incredibly easy and keyword “quick,” most of the my sharing what is going on at the Big Sky Farmhouse has been there on Instagram in the stories.

So, today, after talking to a long lost friend who retired from the police department back in ehh (brain working here) 2000?? I was inspired to write just a little today. You know how you meet some people in your lifetime who really touch your heart and OTHERS who inspire you to drink a big gulp of water while they stand there next to you on fire….well, she was definitely one I would throw that cup of water on….to save her. LOL. Authentic, thoughtful and genuine with a huge heart. Thank you for the inspiration to pick up the keyboard today. You know who you are lady.

See the cottonwoods?

So, here’s my quick recap on what I have not been writing about but instead, posting easy quick sometimes cryptic, sometimes obvious photos or videos on Instastories.

1.) Renovation is still under way. Pantry is in. New window is in and 3 sets of doors in. Yay! The rest is going to be a huge mess and I am contemplating not being here for it. What can I say? Big fat messes make me insane. Add a toddler into the mix and momma ain’t gonna be happy.
Holy cow. What else? Do you ever get that way? So busy but yet you cannot remember what the heck you’ve been doing for the past 2.5 months?
2.) Painting. Check. (Two rooms upstairs.)
3.) Chicken outside coop completed. Check.
4.) Multiple light fixtures installed upstairs. Check.
5.) Plenty of online shopping. Check.
6.) Farmer’s Markets. Check.
7.) Canned pears. Check. (Last year we did about 75 pints of tomatoes, apple sauce, pears, and peaches. This year, not so much.)
8.) Was glued to the news for two weeks about the absolute horrific events in Las Vegas. My heart hurt for all of them. Everyone involved. Spent a lot of time contemplating how I wanted to jump back in my uniform and assist in any way I could. That kind of thing plays with your head. So thankful to be done with it enjoying retired life and not pushing a black and white any longer but wanting to get back in and fight FOR and WITH the good?  Ugg.  Spent hours watching all the press and the media conferences taking place. Telling stories to my family about who of high rank was on television in uniform giving a press conference at the time. Some of those high ranking fellows, “yeah, I remember that guy. What a great guy” And others…well.  Man I’m thirsty. Good thing I have this water right here.  The human condition. No one’s immune. LOL  Maybe one day I’ll be perfect but not today.  

Anyway, the fact that this event happened at all still stuns me although it shouldn’t. My heart hurts when I think about that event and I think about the city that I was born and raised in- and a Police Department I practically grew up working at- protecting the city the best they could under war like circumstances.  Protecting a city with uniforms that have been attacked in the past as being too intimidating or militaristic looking in appearance. Uniforms and firepower ill equipped for the type of war they were fighting that night.  I think about the entire city of Las Vegas sighing a collective labored breath of relief when the bullets finally stopped flying, and I just wish I could have helped.  I saw a post on Facebook from a pretty lady I used to work with. She summed it up, “It’s a hard day to be retired.” Amen sister. Amen.

So, here’s my quick and utterly non existent transition to the rest of my check off list..I would have thought more about a better transition but time is short when I’m making lists to check things off of.  And, I already mentioned above that today is not the day I’m gonna be perfect…or ever really.  And, this is kind of the order it all happened in anyway.  Wink!

9.) Watched and watching the leaves turn from green to yellow and falling from the cotton woods like confetti in the wind. Check.
9.) Best friend of yikes 25 ish years! And that’s really tough to accomplish when we are only 29 years old and holding…..visited and brought her tribe of energetic and curious man children. Finally! LOL! When will you be back? Just sayin’. Check.

Jacksonhole, Wyoming. Shed Elk Antlers from the Elk Refuge. 1 of many creations.

10.) Visited Jacksonhole Wyoming for an incredibly beautiful wedding. (With said tribe caravanning in the snow to the venue!) Check.
And, a pedicure inserted here and there. You can’t take the city completely out of the girl. Not gonna happen. LOL

That about sums it up. Thank you my dear friend for the inspiration today.

Quick ending huh? Well, the toddler is waking and gotto go. You know how it is. Life awaits!

Be well.


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Kasey Matthews Johnson

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