Farm Chat – Big Sky Farmhouse

Farm Chat – Big Sky Farmhouse

Today is solar eclipse day. Everyone with eyes glued upward and some who didn’t get a chance to buy the $65.00 paper glasses frying their retinas just to take a glimpse. Me? I just watched it on the news as the farmland around me darkened for a couple minutes. Really exciting stuff huh? No judgment people. It just wasn’t my thing.

This is my first blog post in quite some time. You see, I have been doing my best in the last few days to be “normal” again and assimilate back into the human race after weeks of trying to become healthy again after a medical ehhh, episode. On Friday, I actually drove my vehicle again…all by myself. Lol. You might laugh at that but holy cow, true story. I barely felt alive for a good solid 2 weeks after my mandatory hospital vacay so driving to get my hair and nails done for an “I love me day” was a huge feat.

The appendix. What does it even do I wonder? It’s a little thing that one rarely even thinks about or hears about until it explodes and begins making one’s insides septic, sending this particular ONE to the Emergency Room.

Yup. My appendix burst and it nearly killed me a little more than 3 weeks ago. You see, I had a terrible tummy ache that lasted way too long, but I didn’t realize it was my appendix. By the time I crawled down the hallway to alert my husband that I needed an ambulance (couldn’t walk, sit, or lie down by that time), I was 2 days into it and really not thinking correctly due to the amount of pain. It burst about a day into the nightmare but my mind…again…just not right when there’s pain like that involved. You know how you kind of check out just to get through it? Yup. Crazy.

So, we ventured to the ER and after a CT scan confirmed the poison and toxins from the appendix were marinating in my abdomen and causing sepsis to the internal organ environment, emergency surgery commenced. That week in the hospital is a blur. I do know that I was very close to dying prior to the surgery and I am very lucky we made it in time. I do remember a myriad of really fabulous nurses (and one nurse that should just retire already she was so unhelpful and miserable….such a joy), constantly beeping and whining machines, and my arms looking like a total bloody pin cushion as well as my stomach that bloated up to the size of “due any day” pregnancy. The bag hanging from my abdomen connected by a tube to the inside of my stomach to collect all the toxic poisons from the abdomen…well, that was a bonus.  LOL

And more attempts at finding a vein for the week.

The following week I spent at home-very lethargic and in bed, sleeping mostly. My angelic husband taking care of our toddler and playing nurse and bringing me bone broth and errr contraband in the form of ice cream. lol. (My best friend flew from Maui to be here when she heard what going on after I was admitted to the hospital. She is also an angel masquerading in human form and she stocked the house with bone broth and other essentials for my recovery. She left just before I was released from the hospital so her week long visit is a bit blurry for me. Love you Trin. XOXO My sister.)

So, that’s it. Why I have been missing. My little farm chat story for today. The story of my absence from life and the pure gratitude I feel just to still be among the living. I’m just taking things really really slow, trying to get my groove back and evaluating how much I am doing.



P.S. I forgot to tell you this but while I was on hospital vacay, there was a little skunk issue at the farm house. This is the story as it was told to me. The dogs were outside and ran into a skunk at the North side of the house during broad daylight. Normally, just like that song, “the freaks come out at night” and that is mostly true of skunks around here too…The skunks come out at night. But, not this particular day as my carpet and that skunky fresh aroma can attest. The dogs were sprayed in their faces and they commenced to running into the house, straight to the living room carpet where they searched for relief from the scent and foaming stuff coming from their jowls. Skunk juice was rubbed all in the carpet and dripped through out the down stairs. Some even got on my husband’s prized several thousand dollar Norwegian chair. (I have to laugh at that one because I have been secretly trying to figure out how I can get him to get rid of that ugly thing anyway but he loves loves loves it so until then… Sooooo, as much as the hubs and the bestie tried to scrub and steam and get that skunky juice smell out of the house, it was unsuccessful. I am told that the nasty smell was much worse before I arrived home from the hospital but I don’t know how that can be. Just F-O-U-L I tell you. Nasty foul. Thank the Lord I couldn’t really walk downstairs or stand for more than 1 minute at a time without being completely drained and that I was secluded for the first week home post op in bed. Today, a couple weeks later, I don’t smell the scent anymore but I kinda wonder….is it still here and my skunk infused nostrals are just immune now? Do our guests smell it? LOL. Will my house forever smell like skunk until we replace the carpet? Thank goodness we are remodeling and that flooring is on pallets ready to go. Cannot come soon enough in this girl’s book.


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Kasey Matthews Johnson

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