Lessons in Country Living, Part 5 in Series-Big Sky Farmhouse

Lessons in Country Living, Part 5 in Series-Big Sky Farmhouse

Ok, so now that we’re in this a bit, let me do a recap in my lessons in country living.  For all my city friends this may be enlightening and at the very least somewhat entertaining…for all my country friends, it’s ok if you roll your eyes at my silliness here while you nod your head in agreement at my stating the real deal about country life.

So, if you’ll remember, these are the facts of life in the Country.

1.)Rubber Boots.  You will wear them, you will rock them.

2.) Camo.  Worn way too much here in Montana Country.

3.) Baseball caps, jeans and boots make one swoon.

4.) Yes, the hot wire electric fence is hot.  It means business.  And, it doesn’t belong all up in your lady business.  Eva!

5.) Thistle.  Just sucks.

6.) Mosquitos.  Same.  Blood suckers.

7.) Am I forgetting anything here?  Edging and trimming grass…..doesn’t happen at my house most of the Summer.  I am learning to deal….Lord help me.  OCD twitch starting…

8.) Vehicles are parked on the grass….often.  So.

9.) There is a country vocabulary.  I covered a few, but if you want a full glossary of terms, Jeff Foxworthy has a humorous dictionary out there in internet land.  A far cry from the 400 codes for every call for service, the phonetic alphabet  A-Adam, B-Baker, C-Charlie D-David E-Easy or terms like “enroute,” “arrived,”  “acknowledged,”  “perimeter check,” “pedestrians,” “code red,” (although I do still say this when I want to describe any minor dilemma I may have…Like, where did I put my car keys…..ha!  Anyhoo, you get the picture.


Kasey Matthews Johnson

Kasey Matthews Johnson

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