Little Country Girl – Big Sky Farmhouse

Little Country Girl – Big Sky Farmhouse

One thing is for sure, raising a little one in the Country is vastly different from the City.  The nature, the animals, the farm work all shape and mold the little ones in this kind of environment in ways that don’t usually happen the same in the City.  Back in Las Vegas while raising my son, I was worried that he would be robbed at gun point while walking home from Elementary School for his house key and Game Boy because that was legitimately happening there…here, I worry about this little girl with all her fierceness and independence, making her way to the creek unsupervised, picking up random bugs, trying to hug large bovine animals, chasing chickens who want no part of her friendliness, digging up all daddy’s plantings in the garden with her new toddler sized rake and shovel!  LOL  The list goes on and on but one thing is for sure…raising a little one in the Country is pure joy with lots of dirt and laughs along the way.

If she would only learn to pick all those weeds!

I thought I would share some of the joys that I have witnessed with the Little Country Girl in the past week or so.  If you follow on Instagram, you may have seen some of these.  It is super easy to post quick photos using that venue so I do it often but sitting down to write a blog post and upload photos takes a bit more time….time is scarce in the country when it warms up so bare with me.  I have a feeling my writing skills will be put to better use when there’s snow on the ground again and it gets dark at 4:30!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the Little Country Girl’s Life.  A ray of pure sunshine with a little bit of hurricane mixed in for fun.

Enjoying the Sunset with her Doggie. Little Country Girl.


A country girl and her doggie under the crab apple tree.
Feeding her cow, Bitterroot Cranberry, a white Galloway.
Just this morning. Talking to her bovine Galloway cow friend. She looks older than 2 here. You can see that personality just in body language alone. Little Country Girl.

And, I was able to catch this little video a few days ago.  She didn’t know I was there as I low crawled through the raspberries after her daddy told me what she’d been up to.  It seems her Galloway cow loves our freshly mowed grass scraps too.  She discovered this and now it is a daily gesture and bonding experience between the two.

Kasey Matthews Johnson

Kasey Matthews Johnson

Hello there. I'm Kasey. Wife, Air Force mom, new mom-what? (Yes, I love being a mom so much, I started over!), new to beautiful country living, raising Galloway Grass Fed Beef Cattle, complete homebody and retired Police Lieutenant from Sin City, Las Vegas. Welcome to my blog!
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Now that’s what we like to see. Round ’em up little cowgirl!