Farm Chat-Big Sky Farmhouse

Farm Chat-Big Sky Farmhouse

The past week has been beautiful here.  It makes me want to break out the barbecue smoker and retrieve the patio furniture cushions from the shed. We’ve been spending a lot more time outside, trimming back hydrangeas and daisies that miraculously didn’t just wither away this winter and getting the areas around the peonies and rhubarb cleared out of any debris.   I had never tasted rhubarb before moving here.  It’s like a giant red and green celery stalk.  It’s very sour.  When it starts growing again, I will make a strawberry rhubarb pie and share it.  It really is wonderful!

I love walk time!

We have been going on a lot of walks this last week and even taking the mountain bikes, equipped with one of those burley bee trailer’s for the baby girl to the grocery store and down to the river.  She absolutely loves being outside and is a free spirit like her daddy when she gets out doors.  It is going to be tough to get her to come inside this summer I think.  She is really fearless, much to momma’s dismay….she will often try to take off…walking towards the cows without momma!  She just wants to talk to them of course.   But, that is no bueno with this momma.  Even though she doesn’t fear the large animals, momma respects them and their size.  Even though they are docile and perfectly domesticated, they are still about 1200-1500 pounds of large animal and 25 lbs of fierce independent little girl might get injured if the animal were to suddenly scare for some reason.  

The cattle are really interesting when it comes to pure spirits and young souls.  Often a little leary of adults unless they know who we are and are familiar with you, they will watch adults but not come too close if they are unfamiliar.  It’s almost as if they sense the young child is harmless and they are so curious to get up close to inspect the little people for themselves.    It really is amazing to watch.  I think, too often, cattle are labeled as “dumb animals.”  This is one of the reasons I think the animals deserve more credit.  They know and understand more than we think.

It is mating season here in the country.  The geese are separating off into pairs and scouting out adequate homes for babies (did you know that geese mate with one mate for life?), the little birds are beginning to make residence in the many birdhouses around the property, and the turkeys…oh my…it’s funny….the male turkeys are puffing up showing the females how big and bad they are with their feathers all fluffed trying to win the females over.  “Choose me choose me!”

In my best Beastie Boy Voice “Hey laaaay-dies!!”

Today, we are moving cattle back to this property because calving season is about to begin.  I am very excited for calving season!  It’s fun to watch the calves run around the property chasing each other and playing.  I hope to get some of it on video to show you too.

A little unsure about the changes to the herd today!

We kept only a few cattle here for the past few months so moving more cattle back to the farm is always an event.  The cows have to establish dominance and re-affirm who is in charge with each new stock trailer load that we add.   I have been keeping an eye on the silver bull prospect born in February.  With each new trailer load, the dynamics in the herd change as all the pregnant females establish a chain of command or hierarchy. The little silver bull calf is a little leery of all the sudden herd changes and his mom, a silver cow, has been ushering him to other parts of the property while the girls work out their issues.  By tomorrow this time, it will be one big happy family again and everyone in the herd will know their place.

Kasey Matthews Johnson

Kasey Matthews Johnson

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Steve Winton

Kasey….try making strawberry rhubarb jam….it’s awesome and to die for!!! My dad used to make it all the time?