Farmhouse Happenings-Mini Vacay-Big Sky Farmhouse

Farmhouse Happenings-Mini Vacay-Big Sky Farmhouse

Recently, my husband and I traveled to Spokane Washington for a getaway.  I wasn’t feeling well over Valentines so this little trip was a wonderful post Valentines treat.  My sweet sister in law Teri volunteered to watch our little beautiful girl and our dog!  Wow!  Vacation alone!  Fabulous!

It’s a short drive for us to Spokane and the mountain passes are snow filled still, but so so beautiful.

Coeur d’Alene Lake

On our way there, we were researching places to go for a bite.  We are both foodies so whenever we travel, seeking out good food is a must.  As luck would have it, when we pulled into town, we checked out a small sushi restaurant to have a late lunch.

It’s called QQ Sushi and Kitchen.  Phenomenal.  Tasty.  I never thought I’d find a place as good as Sushi Fever in Las Vegas but I have now-kind of fantastic.  I am totally smitten with the food and the single sushi chef there is like a sushi God in my eyes now.  At first I wasn’t sure about him.  He looked a little rough with a baseball cap on and longer hair for a Japanese fellow but I was mistaken.

Yummy Red Dragon Roll.

My husband described the red dragon roll as “exquisite” and “the perfect roll.”  He is honest, very honest about his food analysis.  I really have to give it to him here.  He is absolutely correct.  In fact, we went back during our stay for another visit to this little sushi place and since I’ve been home, I have been thinking another road trip is in order soon.  We stayed at a hotel on the river and from our hotel we could see our favorite little romantic Italian Restaurant there called Luigis.  At Luigis we enjoyed fresh made bread, caesar salad, cabernet sauvignon and a seafood linguine with white wine sauce.   The cheesecake looked ah-mazing, but we were so full by that time, it was not happening.  Towards the end of our trip, we visited Bonefish Restaurant, also a destination point in Las Vegas but Las Vegas has so many amazing food choices in restaurants, it may get lost in the crowd.  Not so in Spokane.  At Bonefish, I’d have to say that their soft bread and pesto/olive oil dip and the bang bang shrimp appetizer were very flavorful and solid choices if you are looking for a small bite. I would definitely visit that place again too. Lastly, there’s a little place (it’s actually an old railroad car) for breakfast/lunch called Frank’s that does a huge breakfast game near the downtown.  I stick to basics at breakfast but my husband had the creole eggs benedict.  It looked beautiful and the portions are pretty big.  There is always a wait, but they get you in pretty quick and the food is really good.

Spokane River Park-Huge Red Wagon


In between the food, we visited the falls in downtown as well as some of the establishments that frankly, I have been missing since moving away from the big city.

I want this mirror from Hobby Lobby! It’s a little vintagy-farmy looking don’t you think? So heavy though.. Next time I go it’s mine.

I am proud to say that my husband, an anti shopper, actually endured a couple hours in the hugest Hobby Lobby I have ever laid eyes on and watched me happily fill my little red shopping cart at one of the two Trader Joe’s Grocery Stores there.  It took me a while in Las Vegas to catch onto the Trader Joe’s energy and pheromones.  But, once I did, I got it.  I really got it.  I miss going to Joe’s and picking up a colorful salad for lunch and filling my cart with healthy, colorful looking, organic, unique looking products and the, “two buck chuck” as put by my husband-The Trader Joe’s Wine.  We definitely stocked up.

Part of my Trader Joe’s Haul. Not including the chuck and freezer items.

It was a bit cold during this last trip and I am now nursing some shin splints because I brought only boots to wear on our adventures but I had an awesome time and will go back again soon.  The Red Dragon Roll is speaking to me in my dreams.  Check it out if you are there.  You will not be sorry.

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