Farmhouse Happenings-Big Sky Farmhouse

Farmhouse Happenings-Big Sky Farmhouse

There is lot’s happening here at Big Sky Farmhouse.  We are now preparing to welcome about 25 baby chicks to our home and we’ve been fixing up our barn’s chicken coop to make their home nice, cozy, and safe from predators in the area who would love to eat our baby chicks for a snack.  Not good.  Fortification of the chicken coop….necessity.

Hmm., let’s see what else.  I needed a little retail therapy after my Airman son left so thank the Lord there is a city close enough that I can get my White House Black Market fix met and lay down a small fortune at Gymboree for my little girl.  She is turning into a real little country cow girl, boots and all, so I know my time is limited in which she will actually let me dress her up and make her look frilly and girly.  Oh the trials of motherhood.  Why do they all have to grow up so fast?  Not fair not fair.

I painted/primed my bedroom the day before yesterday and have a brand new can of paint ready to get to work on that project again.  I really love what paint can do to a room so quickly but I did find it ehhh, challenging…to paint while my baby girl tried to help.  We had to go wash our little white fingers on more than one occasion.  So, I think my next painting party will occur after 8:30 P.M. until she has outgrown the “I want to fingerprint with you mom” stage.  Yikes.

Bitterroot Burlington, 3 Yr. Old Grass Fed ONLY Bull
Bitterroot Bald Eagle, 3 Year Old Grass Fed ONLY Bull

Yesterday we moved some of our pregnant heifers (heifers are female cattle that haven’t had a baby yet.  After they have a baby they are then called a “cow”) and we visited with some family.  I also took some photographs of a few Grass Fed Galloway Bulls that we have for sale so that we could update our business web site.   The site is still a work in progress but it is coming along with the assistance of my awesome tech savvy brother.  I’ve also been busy posting for the business to other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Bitterroot Brutus, 3 Year Old Grass Fed ONLY Bull

When we visited our family, I got to see my nephew’s awesome chickens too.  Check them out!  He is really great with them and recently told me that he hung a big cabbage from the ceiling in their chicken coop and they absolutely loved it.  They pecked it like a tetherball until it was all gone!  I am told that chickens really have some strong personalities so I am looking forward to visiting our chickens every day with my little girl to collect eggs.

Blake’s Chicken
Gymboree Boots

Check out these cute little boots she will be wearing to trek back to the coop!  I couldn’t resist them.  Part of the Gymboree sale I had to be a part of.


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