Farmhouse Happenings-Big Sky Farmhouse

Farmhouse Happenings-Big Sky Farmhouse

The snow is melting, and life is springing forward here.  The birds are chirping and casing their potential bird houses for Spring babies, the deer are out in full force,

Deer in the yard. I counted 20 today!

the water is flowing in the creek, and our little newborn silver Galloway calf is doing just fine.  We are still awaiting the arrival of another potentially silver calf, but his momma was not artificially inseminated like the other silver Galloway heifer so we are now on calf watch for another 60 or so days.

Newly born silver calf.

With this Springish weather, I suddenly feel the need to clean out closets, drawers, cabinets…you name it.

Now, feeling the need and actually doing it are two different things.  Lord please help me and give me patience and energy to do it all.  Smile.  I have a long list of goals that I will accomplish but I am finding there are simply not enough hours in my day.


I am pretty excited as well because we are also preparing for some renovations to the kitchen/living area in our farmhouse!  I have big plans-big ones I tell ya.  Much to my husband’s dismay.  Oh my! I must give him credit though, he is going along with the reno program like a trooper.  It took a while to get him on board with my ideas….I have lots of them..probably too many in all aspects of life……but now he is pretty excited at the changes to our farmhouse too.  I think?  Haha  We’ve already made some pretty changes with the addition of a back patio deck that “you can hold a barn dance on,” (according to my Brother in Law Bryan who is a master carpenter and has done all the actual building work…he’s that awesome) and we’ve added a much needed 5 car garage shed (also built by my master carpenter brother in law extraordinaire Bryan) in the back to house all the farm equipment and vehicles such as tractors (yes I think his tractor’s sexy) that were speckling my yard after my husband and I married.   I am really anti parking vehicles in the grass Sanford and Son style although I am realizing that is part of country life.  It is completely different from Las Vegas, a place that is covered in concrete and colored landscaping rocks.

In regards to the house reno, I seriously have watched too much of that darn “Fixer Upper” show.  Joanna and Chip make me laugh and I adore her style.  Now, I know lots and lots of people are loving that farmhouse style, and why wouldn’t they?  It’s simple, fun, flexible, and unpretentious.  My best friend Trina stated it perfectly.  “Anything goes” with farmhouse style and that is what I absolutely love about it.  Because we do have a farmhouse, in the country, I am living the Fixer Upper Farmhouse Style.  It took me a minute to get my bearings after moving to the country, but look out world, because now I’m embracing it, living it, and even writing about it.  haha.  It is not always as simple as that show portrays and walls don’t just simply come down as I wave my magic wand, but renovation isn’t for the faint of heart I’m told.   We are starting with the outside perimeter of the home, changing some doors and windows and moving our pantry to another portion of the kitchen in order to open up our living space.

I snapped some quick pictures so you can get the idea.

New Front Doors in Black
Current Front Doors


We are changing these windows into french doors like these.

Current back porch windows.
New French Doors


And, we are moving this pantry to the other side of the kitchen.

Current Pantry.

For now.  After all this is done, we have plans for the kitchen reno part.  See why I’m so excited?  This should be really fun with our 2 year old!  Yikes!  Haha

Stay tuned for all the fun! It should be beginning soon.  Yay!



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