Farmhouse Happenings

Farmhouse Happenings

Good morning!  My my, yesterday was an eventful day and there are many exciting happenings occurring here at the moment.

FaceTime call!

For starters, my airman son is coming home for a visit!  Yes!  I am so excited to see him and his little sister will no doubt scream with glee when he walks in, just like she does when we get to face time him from thousands of miles away.  She always tries to touch the phone to get to him.  It really is the cutest thing ever.  Since he joined the Air Force, we still get to talk frequently and this FaceTime thing has been a real blessing.  It must have been very difficult for families with military loved ones overseas before technology provided this amazing tool.  I can’t wait to give him a big hug!  Well, he’s 6 foot 7 and his wing span is about 7 feet?  He will be the one giving the even bigger hug.  So excited.  Sometimes I still think of him as a little guy.  I’m working on it.  One of the many things… lol

Husband drying the silver galloway calf.

So a baby was born yesterday and our calf patrol efforts paid off.  As if right?  As if, our patrolling efforts had anything to do with the momma heifer having her baby.  Well, I’d like to think we were encouraging her and giving her moral support as she was in such obvious discomfort yesterday while in active labor.  She went into labor on her exact due date which really is amazing when you think about it.  Cows have the same baby in the oven time as humans.  9 months.  For her it was not a second longer.  Amazing.  Life, in any form is amazing and I have enjoyed that part of being out in the country.  Life is harsher out here too because only the strong survive, but there is always new life to watch whether it is a calf, eaglet, turkey, or fawn.

Husband, son, and daughter on calf patrol last year.

Now, it has been warmer here in the past week or so.  Much of our snow has melted into this sloppy, watery mess during the day and then freezes to solid ice over night.  Not the most ideal conditions for babies to be born here.  We do normally have all the calving occur in the Spring when it is more comfortable for the mommas, the babies, and for us as we watch from the farmhouse and take photos of the little youngsters running and playing.

Supreme Grand Champion Bull Minto Kai from Minto Galloways, Australia

The calf that was born yesterday is unique in that he is not only a silver Galloway (rare) but his dad is a Grand Champion Bull from Australia called Minto Kai.  We had a 50-50 shot of a boy and low and behold, it was.  Like humans, you just never know what you’re gonna get so we have big hopes for this little guy.

It’s endearing to watch my husband whenever there are babies born.  He gets a bit giddy and all loving father like talking to them and their mommas.  Because this little guy was born in not the best conditions, my husband and I got more involved than we ever do with the other Galloway cattle we have.  We almost never need to assist any cow in any pulling, drying off, or any other task as they all seem to instantly understand how it works.  As is usual, this little silver Galloway calf was up on his somewhat unstable legs within minutes of being born.  It always amazes me that calfs can walk so quickly after they are born.  Humans take how long?  I know people sometimes think that cows are dumb creatures.  I don’t.

Meme from

Because it is so slushy and somewhat muddy near our barn where the two expecting moms have been separated off, we took a bunch of towels (never thought I’d be using some of my pool towels from the sparkling pool in my backyard in Las Vegas to dry off a baby calf but hey, here I was in this barn……haha) and dried the little guy off as he was shivering and shaking from the cold.  The silver Galloway calf took immediately to drinking his mother’s milk and all was well in our world.  Smile My husband went out to check on him a few more times during the day and make sure nothing crazy occurred throughout the afternoon….so cute.

Stay tuned for more pictures of this cute little guy.

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Kasey Matthews Johnson

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