Mushroom-Swiss Hamburgers-Big Sky Farmhouse

Mushroom-Swiss Hamburgers-Big Sky Farmhouse

My husband is a bit of a foodie.  I swear his tastebuds were installed by NASA or something and he can totally pick out complex flavors in things and list them out like he’s dictating a memo.  It’s a bit unnerving as the house chef I tell ya.  There are times, rare times, that I can sneak something in (like cream cheese which he’s not a fan of) and he doesn’t know.  Cajun Chicken is one of those meals but shhhhh.  Don’t tell him.   But tonight, he made a request for these amazing mushroom-swiss hamburgers.  He could probably eat hamburgers a couple times a week and be very happy.

I sighed when I heard his request.  What?  Mushrooms?  Bleh!  Gross!  Swiss?  Yukko! I am the other adult person in this house and I need to eat too, right?  Well, oh my yummy deliciousness.  I was a non believer until I tried them.  I might just be a convert now.  I did place sautéed onions on mine as well and some mayo.  Don’t judge me.

Fabulous is all I can say.  We ended up sharing another one.  Neither of us wanted to be the one who ate an entire second hamburger so the compromise was just our little secret and way of not having negative “I can’t believe I ate so much” mind chatter the rest of the night.

P.S.  This picture looked so much better in my lighting.  I’m working on it!

Big Sky Farmhouse
Mushroom-Swiss Hamburgers

Prep Time-5 Minutes (Providing you don’t include thawing time.)

Cooking Time-5-10 Minutes depending on how well down the burgers are made.

Servings-5-6 depending on size of burger

1 lb. Lean Ground Beef (I use lean galloway grass fed beef because the flavor is wonderful and I like leaner, higher protein meat.)
1 Egg
1/2 Tsp. Ground Pepper
1/4 Tsp. Salt
1/4 Tsp. Garlic Salt
1/2 Tsp. Granulated Onion
Splash of A-1 Steak Sauce

5-6 Slices of Swiss Cheese

8 Medium white mushrooms, Sliced (About 2 Inches across the head)
1/2 TBSP Butter

Optional-1/2 to 1 white or yellow onion, sliced thin. (Plus 1/2 tsp butter to sauce and salt and pepper to season lightly)

Soft White French Rolls-See Recipe Here
Or, you can use store bought rolls too.

Condiments of your choice

If you like sautéed onion, start your onions in a medium hot cast iron pan with a little butter and some salt and pepper.  It will take some time to get the appropriate char on the outside of the onion.  Set aside while you mix your beef mixture.

Mix the beef, egg, pepper, salts, onion, and steak sauce in a bowl. I just use my clean hands. Make desired sized patties. Grill on medium heat. (It’s cold here in the winter so I use a cast iron pan in the Winter and the grill outside in the Summer.) If you are using higher fat content meat, you may consider a cast iron with slats to make grill marks and drain the fat while the hamburgers cook.
Note-If you are using cast iron, heat up the pan to medium before placing any meat on it.

Cook the hamburgers to your desired doneness (Usually 5-9 minutes). Make sure to flip the burger to cook both sides.

As your burgers are cooking, sauce the sliced mushrooms in the butter on medium heat. I also use cast iron for this and I heat the butter to medium along with the pan prior to placing the mushrooms in the pan.

Lightly butter the inside of each side of the burger bun and place on a medium preheated cast iron (or grill) and allow the butter to brown slightly, toasting the bun. 30 seconds to 1 minute is usually all that’s required.

As your burger approaches your desired doneness, add a slice of swiss cheese to the top and cover with a rounded pan lid to allow the cheese to melt for about 30 seconds.

To serve, place your burger on the bun and add the sautéed mushrooms to the top. Add any condiments you desire and enjoy!
Mushroom Swiss Hamburgers-Big Sky Farmhouse 1-24-17

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