1/18/19 Update. Sooo.  Long time no type.   I haven’t written here in a long long time.  Why?  Hmmm.  The short of it is, I lost interest.  I almost died from sepsis when my appendix burst and I spent that week in the hospital with a tube dangling from my stomach with so many months of recovery.  That little huge event in my young life put things into perspective.   I was spending a ton of time here when I could spend it elsewhere.  That, coupled with the fact that we have spent the last year and a half renovating our entire downstairs, cooking onRead More →

So, I made this fabulous banana coffee crumb cake last week.  It is totally worth sharing here because it is that yummy!  I was leaving town for about a week, and had several “seen better days” bananas needing attention on the counter.  Immediate attention in the form of the freezer, the trash (gasp! I dislike wasting) or a baked pan of total and complete goodness.  I chose the baked goodness. Partly because I was leaving town and for whatever reason I wanted to make sure my husband had breakfast for a few days?  Not sure why I do that as he is a fully capableRead More →

I haven’t written in a long time. It feels just a bit neglectful.  But not really. Since that awful burst appendix episode that has caused an irritating occasional stomach pain thingy to this day, I put the blog on the back burner. I had been at a place where I could start advertising and earning some moolah which is a great perk too but that week in the hospital just put things in perspective ya know?  During these past few months though, I found this thing called “instastories” (my son would sooo roll his eyes at me right now for acting like an untech knowingRead More →

Luxuriously delishious

So first off.  This picture is ridiculous.  It in no way shows how absolutely fabulous and so incredibly tasty this lasagna soup actually is.  You see, I made this and threw all the ingredients in, only half expecting the wonder that would take place in my bowl and in my mouth later.  Upon tasting said soup greatness, I realized I should have staged and snapped a nice yummy pic before hand complete with the cheese melted on top.  So, if you can just get past the lack of creativity in the picture, and you make this pot of hot cheesy comfort lasagna soup, your tastebudsRead More →

The best Coconut Curry Whitefish (Cod) Protein you will ever have.

I have been cheating recently.  I’m not proud of myself but I am not hiding it either. I have a new love affair.  I have cast aside what would previously have been my first white meat love, chicken– in order to satisfy my tastebuds even further with another white meat love. I was only in love with chicken solely when I was young and naive and had no idea how great this fish was.  Such is life. But, you live and learn.  LOL  Specifically, I just have to share with you that I have developed this huge (I’d like to think it’s healthy) crush onRead More →

I am just throwing this out as a warning.  These moist zucchini muffins with this delectable sweet crumb topping may just cause you to turn into a human vacuum.  By that I mean, you may just Hoover these bad boys right up.  That is how moist and completely delicious they are.  Holy heck.  I have now made these twice this week!  Partly because I have zucchini coming out of my ears and partly because I made them first without a crumb topping and they were good but not mind blowing.  Fast forward to this morning and the sweet addition of this crumb topping…Boom! I likeRead More →

Today is solar eclipse day. Everyone with eyes glued upward and some who didn’t get a chance to buy the $65.00 paper glasses frying their retinas just to take a glimpse. Me? I just watched it on the news as the farmland around me darkened for a couple minutes. Really exciting stuff huh? No judgment people. It just wasn’t my thing. This is my first blog post in quite some time. You see, I have been doing my best in the last few days to be “normal” again and assimilate back into the human race after weeks of trying to become healthy again after aRead More →

Homemade buns at their best.

I do have a little thing for big soft hamburger buns.  Call it a “bun crush.”  Not buns of steel which I should have a crush on but soft doughy hamburger buns. Nothing’s better than a fresh baked hamburger bun, used immediately after baking with a large Galloway Grassfed Beef hamburger patty.   Nothing but, having a bunch of those hamburger bun babies bagged and frozen, ready to go at a moment’s notice for impromptu hamburger dinners.  I am a helluva hotmess these days when it comes to dinner.  Not really interested thanks.  LOL  As such, last night we had dinner in Missoula at myRead More →

Ever have one of those months when you are just anti-kitchen?  I’m there.  Just keeping it real folks.  Summer is here and there about 10,000 berries to pick, a hen house full of chickens, a cattle herd that I enjoy photographing and a house to decorate farm style.  If I had a superpower right now at this very moment it would be the ability to avoid the kitchen.  My kitchen game has been much like a soup sandwich these last couple weeks. Occasionally this month, I have meandered through that place called the kitchen and thrown a good meal together, including this absolutely wonderful BakedRead More →

Ok, so now that we’re in this a bit, let me do a recap in my lessons in country living.  For all my city friends this may be enlightening and at the very least somewhat entertaining…for all my country friends, it’s ok if you roll your eyes at my silliness here while you nod your head in agreement at my stating the real deal about country life. So, if you’ll remember, these are the facts of life in the Country. 1.)Rubber Boots.  You will wear them, you will rock them. 2.) Camo.  Worn way too much here in Montana Country. 3.) Baseball caps, jeans andRead More →